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Don't Touch a Pagan's Magickal Tools

Not Even If You Have OCD

Pagans are protective of their tools. Athames, and sickles for one, they protect with their lives. Do not touch a pagan’s tool when in their house. Touching a pagan’s tools infects them with energy, so don’t touch a pagan’s tools without their permission. I know somebody in my family’s household who threw out all my mirrors, which were magickal tools. They also threw out my medals, once again, magickal tools. All of this happened without my permission. Once again, ask permission, because somebody was poking around through my altar. Tools are used to change the fabric of reality with our will.

This is why your reality cannot intersect with my tools. Belief plays a huge role in how tools work. I thought I’d lost my faith in my power, and witchcraft in general. I felt down on myself like I’d lost faith in myself even. I’m working on fixing my energy boundary problems right now, so I’m trying to perk myself up. Touching a pagan’s magickal tools is a big no. I have made my tools energetically toxic the next time family picks one up. There is a way to make an energy field set out a particular signal.

Using a tool for spiritual work means having to consecrate it, as you need to charge it up with energy. You see, to pagans, everything is energy. Energy this, energy that. The sun is what can give some of us power. We feel the energy in various forms. Our tools are imbued with energy because we use it to well, generate more energy. Power comes from within though, since a tool merely directs that power to specific ends. Power is something all people need. Ritual tools are consecrated to direct that power out in the open.

I use my athame to cast a circle. I also use it to carve pentagrams in the air. I need to study more about ritual work such as the Donald Michael Kraig book, Modern Magick. I do ritual when I feel stable enough to try it. I’m trying to work on ritual times where Christians will not pop over to see what I’m doing. I am somewhat paranoid about practicing my religion at home. I used to have a bell, but I used it more in chakra healing.

I don’t even have a real broom, since women used it in the Middle Ages to ride on, which to them, would make the crops grow that year. I don’t do chalices on my altar, which is kind of crowded and in need of a cleaning. I need to write down all the rituals in my head, as I feel quite stuck creatively right now. I mean I have ideas, but I have to follow through with them. I do have a cauldron on my altar, which represents femininity. I’m contemplating getting a fake cauldron for my house so I can write punch lines on note cards and put it into the cauldron.

I do have a mortar and pestle somewhere but there are things I need to do with my knee getting better that I can’t do right now. One of those things is kneeling in any way.

I didn’t know the pentagram was “over 8,000 years old,” but I do know the chalice represents the Divine Feminine and the athame represents the divine masculine. I’ve been a member of quite a few groups by now such as Reclaiming, my old coven, and my current coven. I’m taking a break from coven work though. This article is an attempt to heal misconceptions about witchcraft practices. There is a reason why you do not touch other’s ritual tools.

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Don't Touch a Pagan's Magickal Tools
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