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Dream Stalker

Dark Blood Novel, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Tarania woke covered in sweat and her head felt like it had been stomped on. Her throat was sore like she had eaten glass and her hair was knotty and sandy. She pushed a clump of knotted hair out of her face, then wiped the sand off.

She looked at her surroundings and realised she couldn't figure out where she was. . . and felt sick, and she could smell sick.

For a moment she thought she would throw up, again.

She looked to her side. She had forgotten about him.

The man was asleep, snoring like nothing was wrong with their situation.

Tarania was just happy she wasn't alone. But not happy she couldn't trust him. Not yet anyway.

However, the dream she had, had disturbed her somewhat. It was weird, and why she had dreamt such a creepy but sexualised situation was beyond her.

Tarania shuddered and noticed much less pain when she moved.

Moving her achy but repaired shoulder, she noticed it was stiff but better. However, it was hotter now and she was in no way comfortable with this particular temperature; and if she had still been on that boat, she would've been hungover in her 'nice posh cabin' that had air conditioning.

No issues, no wondering where her next drink of water would come from, no hoping she might just find food.

And no worries about the people she was with. Lots of security on that boat, or so she thought.

She tried to recollect what happened on the boat and how she had landed here. But nothing made sense. Her memories were just flashes of images, she felt disassociated with them like they weren't hers.

The only memory that held strong was of her laying on the ground, screaming and feet rushing all around her.

Why in all this chaos did she just lay looking at a chair?

Baffled, she returned her sight to the sea, the gentle calmness of the waves and felt at ease for a moment, enough to lure her.

She couldn't help but accept the lure and go to the sea. At least she'd be cooler.

Dipping her toe in, the water wasn't as cold as she had anticipated; and despite the sent of salt, the cool sea breeze more than compensated for it, and instead, the sent of nature's gentle perfume was streamed in her direction.

After ridding her body of her top and trousers, she lowered her self down into the warm water and allowed herself to stretch out.

The relief of a lower temperature than that of before meant that right now, she really didn't give a shit about anything.

Which was good as frustration and anger would not work for her right now. It would turn her into the demon she had repressed for as long as she could remember. . .

The darkness that dwelled deep inside her mind had always scared her and she had never understood why, or where it had come from.

Troy had woken with a start and almost panicked when he realised the girl was gone.

Looking around he calmed down when he spotted her laying in the water, her clothes, apart from her underwear, were strewn on the sand.

Instantly all manner of images flooded his mind.

She was all woman but so young and free. Her body glowed in the low setting sun and she looked like a goddess.

Troy shook off the images and realised his manhood had woken up.

Now he would need to get erid of his erection or hide it. And both options would be difficult.

Changing the subject, he began to work out what their next move should be and, as it would be dark in a few hours, they'd need to make or find shelter and start a small fire for warmth in the night.

Also, they needed food. Well, she needed food. Troy needed her to be strong, her emotions to be calm and smooth. . . sexy.

Without her, he'd starve.

His food was the energy of the soul. He would absorb it whilst connected telepathically to the catch.

Giving them dreams of sexual bliss.

This was his food. And he liked it spicy.

Nothing beat the flavour of a woman with a temper.

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