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Enchantress is what the world calls her. No one ever knew her real name. It’s been said that when she was only an infant, both of the child’s parents were killed by a massive avalanche in their home back in the North Cascades. She never got a chance to hear her name own name or get a visual of her mother and father. The snow covered the entire forest. However, the baby survived. It was about −63 °C that day and the temperature didn’t raise much higher than that the entire winter. 
An Ascended Master found the infant crawling at the peak of a snowy hill. The master was traveling with two of his students. He knew what occurred here. He felt the wave of death 300 miles away. The Master brought his students there to show them a release ritual. He wanted to make sure that every soul stuck there would reach the infinity. He was astounded to see a child. He handed his garments to one of the students and whispered to them, “This cannot be real.” 

The Master knew that the avalanche had fallen maybe a few weeks ago. Every tree in the area were all buried beneath snow. Not to mention the extremely low temperatures. How could a small child survive this? He walked towards the child right before he picked her up he looked around. There was no one else here, so he picked her up. Her skin was warm; the child wore only a diaper and a small, pink t-shirt. He looked into the child’s big brown eyes still in disbelief. He couldn’t see her soul as he looked into her eyes. The students approached the master and the child. One said that the baby looked extremely healthy. They all wondered how. They looked around again. They saw nothing there but snow. The master decided that he’d take the baby back to their village. 
There he would analyze and figure out what she was. 

For years the master watched over the child. She grew drastically. None of the other village children could keep up. On her thirteenth birthday, the master witnessed the girl’s powers. The villagers all gathered to celebrate the day of her birth. They brought many different foods and gifts. They danced and laughed. That is until Asura appeared. Asura was a great threat to any village. He would ravish any piece of land he found, killing everyone in it. This three-headed tiger had sword-sized teeth and flesh piercing claws. He came to feast on the villagers. As he approached, everyone scattered, screaming and yelling “Asura is here!” Children were slaughtered at the claws of Asura. The village was dying. 

The Girl sat in the middle of the village crying. Blood was everywhere. She held her head and began to shake. She was full of rage and could not allow another village to die under her hands. She felt the tiger approach her, a mass of hot air came from each head as they were breathing very heavily. The girl didn’t move. Each tiger opened its mouth, showing their grotesque insides, their teeth soaked in blood. This vicious beast was eager for more. He pounced into the air, attempting to fall right on top of the girl, but as he did, she quickly stood to her feet and let out a deafening scream. Light broke through her hands, as did claws; ones much bigger than that of the tiger's. 

She ripped each head from the beast's body. Asura was no more. The Master ran to the girl and hugged her tightly. “Thank you for saving us! I knew you were a being of power. I felt it when I found you. Today you have proven yourself to be a hero. This will be remembered!” She smiled and hugged him once more. For the following years after the girl trained with the Master, he helped her reach limitless spaces. She became an extremely powerful woman. The Master called her Enchantress for the very first time on her twenty-second birthday. It’s when she became a Master—one of her own powers. She was, indeed, the most powerful woman in the entire realm. A few days after, the Ascended Master spoke to Enchantress for the very last time, telling her how much he loved her and that he would always be with her. He was two hundred and five when he died. His purpose had been served, and it was his time to pass. 

That night, Enchantress locked herself in her cabin. She didn’t eat or answer anyone until the twelfth day. She walked out of the room with a smile on her face. For twelve days she talked to the spirit of the master. He taught her one more lesson—sense of intuition—so that whenever anyone needed her help or danger was near, she could sense them all the way from across the globe. That day, she heard the cry of the world. This planet needed saving and she was going to spend the rest of her life trying to fix its flaws. Enchantress fought battles for two hundred and four years. On day two hundred and five, her life was taken in The Battle of Fire. Zhurong, god of fire and the south, heard that there was a girl more powerful he. Zhurong was full of jealousy. He wanted to rid her from the earth. He was a very greedy man and longed to have everlasting power, and by killing her, he would. Zhurong would absorb all of her powers and become all powerful.
 For sixty days and fifty nine nights, he flew through the sky, hiding behind clouds on the back of a Wyvern, searching for Enchantress. He found nothing. Zhurong was on the verge of ending his mission until he ran into an older lady who gave him her location. 

“She does rituals every full moon by the scared waters in Yunokawa. Go there and you shall find the witch. Zhurong, when you catch her, do me a favor...show her no mercy. Bring this world back to its balance.” He smiled and nodded to the lady. Coincidentally, the next day was a full moon and just as she said, he found her there alone in the sand, surrounded completely by fire. This made Zhurong furious. His eyes began to fill with hate. He stroked the dragon and headed right in her direction. Enchantress felt the heat of another fire and the raging energy coming from Zhurong. She stood to her feet and turned in his direction. He was coming full speed at her. She held her hand out and said “ تجمد ” (freeze). The dragon and Zhurong both paused in midair. 

“What are you doing? Are you on a suicide mission? Who are you?” She said. 

“You foolish woman, how do you not know of Zhurong? I am the great element fire. I am a god. What ignoramus person spat you out? You wish to be the greatest on earth but it is I who will rule each corner. You surrender and bow down to me!” Zhurong responded hatefully. 

She smiled and spoke for the last time
‎ “ تسيح” (unfreeze).

 Zhurong came again in roaring speed. The dragon’s throat was building up a massive fire. Enchantress sat on her hind legs, closed her eyes, and began speaking in an Arabic. The fire that circled grew dim; the air started to feel moist, and clouds emerged. She held her hands out towards the two corners of the earth and reached out to the two elements, air and water. When her hands touched the ground, air and water mixed. They where now in the center of a vicious storm. Zhurong's dragon fell to the ground as water hit it. The dragon began to disintegrate. Whatever was left blew away with the wind. Zhurong grew even more angry. 

“You weak animal! A god must do a job himself!" Zhurong twirled into a tornado-like motion, repeating,  "火災私は欲望が大皿にシャワーを持って来る" Every drop of rain turned into fire, and the clouds turned into blocks of lava. He threw each block in her direction. She dodged each but one. It came so fast and hot it tore her body into two. When her body hit the ground, Zhurong jumped harshly unto her chest and ripped her head from it. He then grabbed her heart and melted it with fire, casting from his hands. Zhurong stood to his feet and smiled. He stopped when he didn’t see her soul leave the body. How could he gain her powers when he could not even snatch her soul as it left? He was confused. 

“What was she?” He asked himself. He stared at the body much more angry now. Bereft, there was nothing more he could do, so he headed back home. Four days after Zhurong killed Enchantress, he died. Some say she fooled him, and when he left her body alone, it put itself back together. She came back for him and killed him. Others say her Master haunted the man, torturing him, forcing Zhurong to commit suicide. No one knows the truth behind such history. But one thing the world does remember is the day Enchantress saved her village and the world around it.