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Everything You Need to Know About the 'Doctor Who' Series 10 Finale

Here's everything you need to know about the 'Doctor Who' series finale, which is going to be a whopper!

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC One]

Series 10 of Doctor Who is well underway, with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, who is joined by newcomer Pearl Mackie, who plays the latest companion, Bill Potts. #DoctorWho fans have been waiting for this series for 17 months, following the #BBC's break for major sporting event coverage.

With the latest episode titled "The Pilot" being shown for the first time on Saturday, many are claiming it the best series opener since the revival, but some heavily disliked the Doctor, as #PeterCapaldi didn't feel like his usual self. With people not being a fan of the first episode of Series 10, it has worried them for what is to come, including the finale. So, here is everything you #NeedToKnow about the series finale, which might just give you high hopes, because it's going to be a whopper!

The Grim Description of the Final 2 Episodes

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC One]

The tenth series finale will be broken down into two episodes, giving departing showrunner Steven Moffat the best opportunity to tell the story to a gripping standard. Moffat, who bows out of the show Christmas Day alongside Capaldi, seems to be going out in a grim and mortifying way judging by the way he has described the finale. Steven said:

"I kind of do the angst in the series finale. You'll see how this pans out when you see the show, but finales are better at 'last falls,' and moment of reflection, and anguish, and bloodbaths — which it certainly bloody is!

With it being described as a "bloodbath" it's inevitable that a selection of people are going to tragically lose their lives, but does this include companion Bill Potts? However, does Steven Moffat have the guts to kill off a companion in her very first series?

The foreshadowing episode titles hint at an early departure for Peter Capaldi.

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC One]

Released exclusively online, the final two episode titles have been released, which have sent Doctor Who fans into major panic, primarily because they foreshadow the Doctor's death. Episode 11 (written by Steven Moffat) has been titled "World Enough and Time" whereas, Episode 12 (also written by Steven Moffat) has been titled "The Doctor Falls."

Does this mean Peter Capaldi actually doesn't make it until Christmas Day and is forced to regenerate in the finale, meaning fans will be treated to the Thirteenth Doctor five months early? Peter Capaldi has recently revealed that he has already filmed his regeneration, and has hinted he might not make it to Christmas. In his latest interview, Capaldi said:

"I did the regeneration the other day. It was a strange day. It was explosive; he goes out a fighter."

On the other hand, in recent trailers, Capaldi seem to regenerate mid-series. So, is the Doctor going to be regenerating slowly all throughout the series and finally explode into full regeneration in the finale? From what we know, Series 10 is starting to send out vibes that the finale will be a fitting departure for current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi.

The Doctor's old friends are marching back to our screens.

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC One]

Just like Series 8 of the show, Series 10 is going to be a Cyberman and Master-based finale, which can only mean one thing: a Catastrophic event, leading to many casualties. Why? It's been confirmed that the original Mondasian Cybermen from 1966 are smashing back onto our screens, alongside the Cybermen from 2006 and 2013.

The Cybermen are well known for their destruction on Earth, leading to a lot of deaths, including the Fifth Doctor's companion, Adric. With their iconic catchphrase "Delete," it seems this finale is going to be a terrifying one. So clear the room, as you're going to need to hide behind your sofa once again. But what does Missy have to do with this? Previously working with the finale, it appears Missy's plan from Series 9 is about to be revealed in a devastating way.

Final Thoughts

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC One]

The finale of Series 10 is expected to air Saturday, June 24th and Saturday, July 1st on BBC One and BBC America. With the finale in place, you can catch a new episode of Series 10 every Saturday. The series sees the return of the Ice Warriors and the ultimate John Simm as the Master!

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Everything You Need to Know About the 'Doctor Who' Series 10 Finale
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