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Why are we here?

So let me just question our existence for a minute. I know it's a difficult thing to stomach but is there ever going to be a reason we keep creating generations and generations to keep our family name surviving. Will the universe be better off without us destroying only a minuscule part of it's home. A thread on its curtain if it may. Maybe not I'm guessing. It's hard to understand but this is why people such as myself insist on writing such ideas as this. In our part of the universe we are 7 billion people and counting, not including all the other creature's belonging to Mother Nature, and not a single one of us can give a wholesome answer as to how the hell we as a unity have ended up here on earth. Over the years of us being here we have created roles on creating our communities revolving around our talents and achievements but why? Why did we feel the need to allocate roles in order to keep our world alive? I mean yes we have theories about why we're here but there is no solid evidence. Am I the only one that is massively dazed by this? Why is this not a regular question being solved by the daily? Scientists have managed to to figure out what a massive percentage of living things are made of and what makes them do the things they do to survive but still has not wondered why they are there in the first place. Why have things such as atoms and bacteria formed to create us? Humans. Who says that we are worthy of building our lives and homes and entertainment in the midst of Mother Nature herself. Yes, I know. You're bored of hearing the same old crap revolving around our existence but please just for a moment hear out my mad rant and rack through your brain to try and figure out an answer to my question. Except you can't. I mean, kudos if you can! But I highly doubt it. Only because we can only think of remedies to unknown questions through the knowledge we hold. Scientists and doctors figure out cures for diseases and illnesses through the knowledge of the effects of different antibodies and medicines and what pushing them together can create. Builders can only create and recreate buildings from what they've seen before and what they know of construction. Teachers can only teach the knowledge they have been taught themselves from ages 4+ and every single one of us can preach what has been spoken before. Learning about the entities of our universe is a massive thing and most of us take it for granted. Yet still, as I wrote previously, we still haven't got a well-thought out honest answer for why we, a species of many wonders, are living and dying continuously on a much underrated sphere. I know I haven't explained properly when it comes to my many wonders but I have done this purposefully. This is just to let you know how I feel about not knowing what the hell our existence is for. Yes you could say it's to give this world our own personal take on life but as we create war, not only between ourselves but against the creatures that Mother Nature has bestowed on us, we are no other but merely killing the world with our own cold-blooded hands. So why keep us here after creating a destruction? I have a feeling it's because we have become way too strong to destruct again. Although one day we will be and then at that moment in time we will ask...