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Extra Terrestrial Architecture War Theory Hypothesis

Factitious Proof and Corroboration or Preponderance of Evidence

Shedding light on ET
In the arduous search for ETI, the possibility of Hetlau increasingly becomes the predominant theory put forth to explain what is really going on. The problem starts to arise that in order for society to discuss the topic as plausible, the vast majority immediately call for proof or reply "prove it". It seems so implausible to them that without corroboration it is dismissed as something between wild speculation and a delusional disorder.

The problem is that they want facts. What they don't realize is fact is a porpheme of factitious which means "artificially created or developed". So the people who want facts don't realize the possibility that all information on Earth is actually artificially created by ESH using the ET Architecture. Since the fact seeking individual cannot make the mental jump to see the possibility the events on Earth are scripted, not coincidences, they are holding back those that can, and there is no other course for them but to wait for disclosure.

In addition to facts as a form of proof, they want corroboration. And they want that corroboration from an authority figure. What they don't realize is the possibility the very individuals they are looking to for corroboration and disclosure are the Hetlau preventing them from getting it.

To solve this dilemma a new concept is required.

Et Architecture waR Theory Hypothesis (EARTH).
Note how the term EARTH uses ecronyms to build the structure of the terminology.

What we are doing is designing a concept that will define the ET Architecture and War Theory and create a Hypothesis we can test.
The goal is to use the scientific method to test EARTH. Similar to how facts are either factitious or fictitious, the scientific method suffers from a basic flaw as well though.

The word  SCIENCE, when broken down into it's porphemes, is:


A scion is a detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant, used in grafting. So basically it is a root that is an offshoot of the parent. In this case, it is knowledge that is brought to Earth for the purpose of growing it or expanding it.

A fence is something that defines a perimeter.

So the possibility exists that science is a tool put forth on Earth by the ESH in order to control the growth of expansion of knowledge. This is in direct contrast to the way EA believe the scientific method works. They feel that through the scientific method, science is basically where all learning and information originate from. The ESH make sure that only limited knowledge that allows for misdirection and subliminal dissemination is present.

So a person that is not aware of, or is unwilling to accept the possibility of, ESH determining the state of the art of information and the evidence that can be gathered to validate that information as factitious or fictitious will not allow information pertaining to the ESH to be evaluated. They will still pursue information about ET and each time they run into the ESH or Hetlau they will reject it. This vicious loop is known as the Bullshit Evidence Spiral Syndrome (BESS).

BULLSHIT - Brain dULL Superior Higher IntellecT (ecronyms)

Using ecronyms, which are a function of wormation (word formation) you can see how the individual who is being told about the possibility of Hetlau and thinks it is bullshit is actually suffering from the syndrome placed here on Earth by the ESH. Their brain is dull or to phrase it in a more PC term they simply are currently unaware. They also lack the understanding of how to elevate their EA awareness to a higher order awareness of superior higher intellect, essentially ETI.

The bullshit evidence spiral syndrome is designed by intention to keep the EA from being able to figure out what is going on. Unless you are able to remove yourself from it mentally and view what is taking place from the role of an observer there is no way you can analyze EARTH. You will just keep demanding factitious proof and corroboration. Each time you hear about the ESH or Hetlau you will reduce the amount of time spent processing the request to review the information about it and perform the knee-jerk response "prove it" and or "this is bullshit". Thus the tightening spiral and empowering the syndrome.

Corroboration is basically just disclosure. So it is sort of like saying I want to know something that is detrimental to my condition but I want to know it after it happens, at least in the case of ET vs ESH and Hetlau.

For example, say you want to know if your house is on fire. The EARTH concept says there is smoke but we can not provide factitious proof or corroboration of fire, but we recommend you analyze the situation for the possibility it may be true and you may need to take action.

The bullshit evidence spiral syndrome (BESS) will have you wait until the fire department shows up and says yes there is fire. Unfortunately, by this time, the corroboration you so desired, was received too late and your house has burned down and you may even be injured for not having fled in time.

This long drawn out analysis of BESSERS versus EARTHERS is important because the information EARTH is going to reveal is only going to provide a preponderance of evidence. This preponderance of evidence will allow individuals who can remove themselves from the BESS to see the repeating patterns take place on a daily basis. Essentially they will be educating themselves to a level of ETI where disclosure won't be necessary from an intellectual standpoint. They will essentially know what is going on and be ahead of the disclosure curve.

EARTHERS - people who follow the EARTH methodology, will need disclosure to happen from an evolutionary standpoint. They cannot evolve and the system cannot evolve until disclosure takes place. Since the system functions as a group, disclosure day (DDAY) where the HET flip the planet (start to perform disclosure) will reveal who was correct between the EARTHERS and the BESSERS. Similar to hunters and gatherers, their new roles and relationships will evolve as the new world order moves forward combining them with the ESH.

The EARTH concept will focus on testing for:

  1. ET Architecture
  2. ESH versus EA War
  3. ESH Psychological Manipulation Syndrome
  4. ESH scripted event analysis or coincidences
  5. ESH leaving hidden clues via wormation and steganography
  6. ETI wormation analysis reveals EARTH preponderance of evidence
  7. ETI steganography analysis reveals mind traps
  8. ETI Solution (SETI) revealed in cyclical nature of repeating patterns
Point 1 the ET Architecture. When people begin to hear about the possibility of Hetlau, a hextocracy, and hextary they immediately respond the same. They want to know what are they (ESH) doing and why are they doing it. The goal of describing the ET architecture is to reveal their plan. Then just like building a house you can look at the plan and confirm it is a house not something else that is being built and how far along in the process it is.

Point 2 ESH versus EA War. A key component of the ET Architecture is the possibility of War between the ESH and EA. This is probably the single most important aspect of it to understand. Realization of this will allow you to see the big picture and make connecting all the other smaller parts of it easier to understand. The main thing to realize is ET do not fight war the way EA do, so the concepts and tactics will not be familiar to EA.

Point 3 ESH Psychological Manipulation Syndrome (EPMS). Recognizing and understanding this is critical to understanding the driving force behind the events on the planet. The realization of the possibility that the events are created and or enacted with a specific response by the EA as the hidden purpose behind the event to begin with, is instrumental in understanding what is going on. For example, tricking the EA into starting a war so they will develop better technology which unknowingly helps the ESH further develop the ET architecture.

Point 4 ESH scripted event analysis or coincidences. Tying the whole concept together and enabling the big picture to be revealed from the preponderance of evidence is confirming the scripted nature of the events. The possibility everything was planned out before Earth existed and is being put into play each day gets confirmed by scripted event analysis versus everything is just random and coincidences.

Pont 5 ESH leaving hidden clues via wormation and steganography. Analyzing events and the information surrounding them as well as pictures for the hidden messages in them. Using wormation and steganography we will look for clues that are evidence.

Pont 6 ETI wormation analysis reveals EARTH preponderance of evidence. The analysis of wormation will reveal clues which will become that preponderance of evidence. This will be used for confirmation in leau of factitious proof or corroboration through disclosure.

Pont 7 ETI steganography analysis reveals mind traps. Where as wormation requires a proactive effort to find the hidden clues, steganography presents a new phenomenon known as a mind trap. Once the EA learn the possibility of which hidden messages are stored in pictures and their minds are made aware of them, they will be vulnerable to mind traps.When pictures appear in front of them they will not be able to deny this is going on anymore unlike the way the could when they were in BESSER mode. It is like trying to avoid TV. Since there are so many TV's in public you would essentially have to avoid the public to avoid seeing the clues on TV. So whereas right now everyone can't find the first instance of ET anywhere. The ET have a plan to make it so you can't avoid seeing them everywhere and it is already in place when you know what to look for.

Pont 8 ETI Solution (SETI) revealed in cyclical nature of repeating patterns. The culmination of this long arduous almost nonsensical journey of the possibility of being misled and decieved on our own planet by ET. Once we can stop Searching for ETI by elevating our own awareness level to it ahead of disclosure the enagram SETI will stand for ETI Solution instead of Search for ETI.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg

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Extra Terrestrial Architecture War Theory Hypothesis
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