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Extra Terrestrial Bracketing

Is it EvidenT yet?

ET bookends

In the attempt to solve the ET and UFO phenomenon, one of the things that immediately starts to become apparent is the terminology. The words being used to describe what is going on seem to lack the necessary meanings to properly and technically explain everything.

If you go back and look at ET History you will run into stories of Kenneth Arnold, Roswell and Edward ruppelT. Out of this come the two basic acronyms ET and UFO. For almost 75 years now, society has been using them and made no progress trying to understand what is going on.

The key is to use the TLAs HET and CTV.
HET Humanoid Extra Terrestrial
CTV Celestial Tach One Vehicle
More importantly, though, you need a thorough understanding of ETI. The best place to start is by looking at how the English language is used when discussing the subject matter.

With the possibility of HETLAU, our English language and, for that matter, all languages on the planet, may have possibly been designed and placed here to facilitate the plan of the ET architecture for War with the EA.

LATIN (ET substitute E for T)

ALIEN (anagram)

Notice how in the first paragraph the beginning and ending letters of Edward ruppelT are capitalized. That clearly is not a normal function of English. The process is called bracketing. Basically, any time you are reading a word, a name, essentially any language construct with two or more letters, you want to train yourself to look at the beginning and ending letters and, wherever possible, capitalize the ones that are E&T or T&E.

For example: 
amelia EarharT
alberT Einstein

Why? Because the possibility exists that ET are using bracketing as a method of higher-level communication that the EA cannot understand. It is so simple and it is right in front of them, but no one ever taught an EA to do it, so it goes unnoticed every day.

So does this mean that Elizabeth Taylor is an HET? Not necessarily. You won't know who is and who isn't until they corroborate it, but what you are doing is looking for repeating patterns that will help you see what is going on.

Think of it as focusing on what the group is doing, not each individual.
  1. The possibility exists the group has some of the individuals using bracketing in their names to reveal they are HET living among us.
  2. The possibility exists the group is using bracketing in words and names on Earth to convey hidden messages.
Noticing the letters at the beginning and end will reveal hidden clues they may be using here on Earth. Primarily with the letters E and T, but essentially any letters can be used and in combination with words in a sentence or short phrase to provide a smaller hidden message.

You will constantly see the term bracketing used when translating words and names in alien. The best example of it is used in the word EighT because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. You will see
H =  EighT = ET (bracketing) to convert H to ET a lot.

Bracketing serves an important function, as can be seen in this example.
EvenT—bracketing the word draws your attention to it because it starts and ends with E and T.
Then applying porpheme concepts to it you get: 
EVolve mENT ( ment = mental = mind)
evolve mind
This shows that, in order for the ET to evolve the EA mind, they need EvenTs to achieve this. This leads to supporting the concept of the possibility the all the events on Earth are scripted as part of the ET architecture.

So bracketing not only serves an important purpose in revealing hidden messages, it also provides a starting point to identify keywords that need to be translated.

The key is, since we are not going to get corroboration before disclosure, and even then it may only be partial at best, we need tools like bracketing to try to understand what is possibly going on.

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Extra Terrestrial Bracketing
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