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Extra Terrestrial Disclosure and Subliminal Dissemination

How Extra Terrestrials prepare for disclosure.

Are we unknowingly being prepared for disclosure?

Subliminal dissemination is the process by which information is released into the public sector for the purpose of enlightening the Earthlings just enough as to what is going on without giving away too much and cluing everyone into what is really going on.

If you look the term up on the internet it has not even been defined yet. The closest way to explain it is to say subliminal messages are being disseminated, so the Earthlings don't even have a term to describe what is possibly going on.

When we describe this concept of what is possibly going on we need to categorize what we are describing:

  1. ET created Earth.
  2. ET created life on Earth.
  3. ET placed Earthlings on Earth.
  4. ET as Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among US (HETLAU).
  5. ET as HETLAU has controlled us the whole time.
  6. ET is at war with us.
  7. ET is using us as their slaves.
  8. ET plan to disclose their existence to us.

Most people have never heard concepts as intense as this and immediately discount it. At most, they just want to go back and search the skies for UFO sightings and wait for SETI to find radio signals from benevolent beings that will save us.

The key to understanding what is really going on is to realize what is already happening and from that baseline, you can then infer what is going to happen. Even if you have to accept it as only a hypothesis the previous 8 steps listed above make the concept of subliminal dissemination comprehendible.

In order for the HETLAU to be able to reveal their presence to the Earthlings, there are a large number of concepts that are going to have to be understood in order for disclosure to take place. Imagine if the HETLAU wait for the day of disclosure and start trying to get the Earthlings to understand those concepts at that point, it will take them years to inform the Earthlings and potentially create a very unstable psychological frame of mind for society during that transition.

Rather, working from a scripted plan that was devised before Earth was even created, Extra Terrestrials via the HETLAU are able to prepare Earth for disclosure without the Earthlings being aware.

Each day there are stories that are being broadcast through all forms of media that expand the Earthlings concepts of what is going on. The Earthlings just think this is the normal growth of information flow about a subject matter that society is gradually becoming more interested in. What they don't realize is it is actually an intricately designed web of deceit that permeates every phase of their lifestyle changing their overall psychological state of responding to and dealing with the concept of "ET" and "UFOs".

Recently a major UFO story was released about the Pentagon UFO investigation. This story was the first UFO story to be picked up and widely discussed on every major prime-time news network. So you can see the information being more widely accepted. This is creating a society that is more relaxed about a topic that previously was very concerning to them. The goal of subliminal dissemination is to create a society that knows what is going without being aware they know. Then on the day disclosure takes place people will respond more casually towards the news such as "well finally you told us what we already know" rather than mass panic about a subject matter that scares them.

It is this carefully constructed plan to change the paradigm on Earth about how "ET" and "UFOs" are viewed and understood that is secretly going on right in front of everyone on a daily basis. Once you understand the concept of Subliminal Dissemination you can link the events to the concept and see the day of disclosure approach. Everyone else will just be caught off guard as they are not aware of what the true meaning of what is really going on is.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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Extra Terrestrial Disclosure and Subliminal Dissemination
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