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Extra Terrestrial Human Nature Fallacy Syndrome

Hope for the best, but don't prepare for the worst.

What are we doing to ourselves?

The Achilles heel for the EA in their attempt to resolve the ET UFO phenomenon has to be Human Nature Fallacy Syndrome (HNFS).
The possibility exists that EA and ESH exhibit different personality traits that influence the way they think and act. For example, when dealing with the possibility of Hetlau and an ETA taking place on Earth:

The possibility exists that EA exhibit the qualities:
  1. They hope for the best
  2. They avoid the worst
  3. Favor the individual over the group
  4. Believe superior unseen beings will help them
  5. Will avoid the truth if it's emotionally unpleasant
The possibility exists that ESH exhibit the qualities:
  1. They plan for the worst
  2. They don't hope for the best
  3. Favor the group over the individual 
  4. Don't believe superior unseen beings will help them
  5. Truth is paramount regardless of emotional disposition
What does this mean? Basically, the possibility exists the EA are at an enormous disadvantage when compared to ESH and how they deal with events and the possible forces behind them that are causing them to happen. EA generally go through life with viewpoints ranging from optimistic to pessimistic. Since they have no understanding of why events happen and what the forces are behind them that are causing them to happen, they try to project out into the future what they would like to see happen or would like to avoid seeing happen.

The possibility exists that ESH operate exactly the opposite. They know why events happen and what forces there are behind them that are causing them to happen so they don't need to project possibilities out into the future since they have data about it they can work with. Essentially they are operating from a prescient state of mind or having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.

Prescient when read with wormation using the EARTH methodology reveals:

PRE is before
SCION is root as in the origin of knowledge

So prescient says mental awareness of events beforehand when translated using ETI.

These two dramatically contrasting viewpoints are what place the EA in what is known as Human Nature Fallacy Syndrome (HNFS). A fallacy is a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument. The EA have a fallacy that the possibility of Hetlau does not exist. The argument they use to base their viewpoint on this is their own human nature and the qualities it exhibits in them.

Most people on Earth have never even heard of nor even contemplated the possibility of Hetlau. Currently, they are still trying to digest the ET and UFO phenomenon. Immediately you can see by their inability to refer to themselves as EA; they are completely unaware of the big picture and scope of what is going on.

Rather than unite as a group and assess worst-case scenarios first, which would reveal to them the ETA, they would rather just go on with their day and hope for the best. Maybe SETI will discover some radio broadcasts and a benevolent being will come down and save them similar to how a lot of their religious beliefs prepare them for.

This basic way of arriving at their viewpoint as to the possibility of how events happen and the forces behind them that cause them to happen is what allow the ESH to take advantage of them. Not only to just take advantage of them but to completely control the narrative for life on Earth and the EA are just characters in the play and have no role in scripting or directing the overall storyline.

It is as if Earth is an enormous stage and the ESH are the writers, producers, directors, and main actors. The EA are like the audience and each day the ESH call up viewers from the audience and have them take part in the play on the huge stage that is Earth. Unaware of what is happening and suffering from HNFS the EA are susceptible to the storyline all the while thinking it is just the way life works. Occasionally EA will even blame events on nature or acts of God. Little do they know the possibility exists that everything that happens, is happening, or is going to happen is all scripted and is being controlled by forces and beings from outside Earth.

So the possibility exists that each time something happens on Earth and the EA just scratch their head unable to comprehend what is happening they are really just suffering from HNFS. Until they are able to elevate their awareness of what is happening and start to think like ESH and at levels of ETI they will be subject to the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. The narrative will continue to use them as slaves (EMSR) and they will have little to no control over their fate.

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Extra Terrestrial Human Nature Fallacy Syndrome
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