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Extra Terrestrial Rule of One

You only need one to win!

When you're trying to solve the ET and UFO phenomenon, it can be extremely difficult to find people you can have an intellectual conversation with. Most people are not well informed on the subject matter. Add to that the position society takes that it is basically a delusional disorder or schizophrenic break from reality and you find yourself in conversations that border on useless.

Take it to the next level and begin to realize the possibility that Hetlau and try to entertain that conversation with someone and you really feel you are wasting your time. Once you spend enough time studying Hetlau you can tell from EARTH methodology that the ETA is taking place from the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

Most people don't want to spend the time trying to understand what is going on and they aren't going to be open-minded about such a bizarre subject matter. Rather than wasting time trying to convince them it's easier just to use the Rule of 1 to base your position on.

The Rule of 1 is simple to understand. When you find a topic that you are suggesting is a possibility and that there are repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence, the Rule of 1 is a simpler way to back your position, rather than get into elaborate but futile discussions. What the Rule of 1 states is that whatever you are trying to reveal only needs to have occurred at least once since the origin of all existence, is occurring now, or will occur at some time in the future. 

Another way to look at it that makes it easy to understand is the position the person you are in the conversation with is taking without even being aware of it. What they are saying is that your position is not only wrong but that since the origin of all existence, right now, and at any time in the future 100% of the time (using the Rule of 100) what your saying has not, is not, and will not ever take place.

So basically what is happening is they are saying it has never, is not, and will not ever happen and you are saying it has, is, or will happen at least once. So whereas they need to be 100% correct all of the time you only need to be correct is once! Not 1% of the time, just ONCE! So you are in a position that only needs to be correct once and they need to be correct 100% of the time forever. Just from the statistical probability alone, your position, or the position of the Rule of 1, is worth taking every time.

To use an example one of the things you will come across studying the possibility of HETLAU is the Hand Gesture. The possibility exists that HET are positioning their hand in the shape of the letter E which stands for ET to perform steganography and leave hidden clues of their presence here on Earth the whole time. You can see Christopher Columbus performing it below.

Christopher Columbus Performing the "ET" Hand Gesture

Christopher Columbus

The problem you run into trying to explain to people that this hand gesture they are making is the letter E which stands for ET is that just like Hetlau, most have never heard of it.

When you search the Internet, the few that have seen it and talk about it call it the "Triad Claw." They usually try to attribute it to the "Illuminati" or "Satanic Cults." The problem is they don't know the possibility of Hetlau existing and they aren't aware all the concepts they are coming up with to attribute it to are created by the ESH as part of the ETA to deceive the EA.

When you try to have a discussion about a subject matter like this or any of the various ET and UFO related subjects and the person you are talking with is unreceptive, all you have to do is remember the Rule of 1. It is far better to just take the position of the Rule of 1 and stop discussing it than to further frustrate yourself trying to get them to listen or open their mind up.