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Extra Terrestrial Two Way Mirror Theory

How to See Them Right in Front of You!

Two Way Mirror
The Two Way Mirror Theory is an attempt to put forth a theory that solves the failures in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). With over half a century and a billion dollars having been spent and no results to show for it something needs to be done to re-address the problem. Note, those numbers are reflective of all the groups and individuals trying to SETI, not just the organization SETI.

Currently, there are dozens of theories as to how to search and why we aren't getting any results. Unfortunately though, since the search for extra terrestrial intelligence is not a business, there is no one in charge and there is no one accountable for the lack of results. Sort of like a boat adrift in the sea with no sail, or a military force who have forgotten their training and are lost in the fog of war, they exert effort and expend time and resources each day while only worsening the problem with no end in sight.

What is unfortunate is the whole problem can be solved without spending any money or wasting a bunch of time and resources. The trick though is EA need to train their minds to search for extra terrestrial intelligence using extra terrestrial intelligence (ETI). They need to be willing to:
  1. Look in all possible locations.
  2. Look for all possible types of eXtra terrestrials.
  3. Be willing to only accept civilian input.
  4. Be prepared to not want to accept the findings (HNFS).
  5. Make sure the group is uniform. 

For step one, we are going to start with the closest location for our search and move out from there. It doesn't make any sense to search the most distant location first such as outer space since they might be right here on Earth and we are just unaware. Also, we might run into them on the way to or from outer space and why travel further than we need to only to have find them on the way back to where we already were? 

For step two, we are going to start with the possibility there are humanoid extra terrestrials living among us (HETLAU). Once we can disprove that then we can look at all the other types of eXtra terrestrial life forms and search for them. The reason we need to rule out humanoid extra terrestrial life forms first is they present the greatest risk or worst case scenario, and we need to resolve that first in order to guard against the potential dangers that they present.

Remember, if the possibility exists an eXtra terrestrial was able to live among us in humanoid extra terrestrial form, they could trick us into thinking they were Earthling (EA). This would allow them to rise to power in our system and control the government, in which case it would be a Hextocracy and the military, in which case it would be a Hextary.

For step three, we are going to only accept civilian input. It's not that we don't trust the government and military, it's just that in this case, they make us vulnerable. It would be like trying to do surgery in an environment that is not sterile. While trying to solve one problem you are leaving open the potential for creating more problems.

Also, the civilian population should be able to resolve this problem on their own anyway. Think about it this way, if the government and military have become so smart the civilians are unable to solve a problem for themselves where did the people in the government and military come from? The government and military are supposed to be made up of civilians. If joining the government and military makes you so much smarter than the civilians that the civilians are not smart enough to understand your intelligence level, then another problem exists. This may even reveal that extra terrestrial intelligence (ETI) has found its way into the government and military already. So looking back at the case for non-interaction with the government and military from step two it is warranted.

For step four, we need to be prepared to not want to accept the findings. To prevent ourselves from being like the boat adrift without a sail, or the military force who is lost in the fog of war, we need to prepare beforehand for the possibility of this operational state. We need to recognize the signs and not continue on fighting a losing battle, expending valuable time and resources, and keep track of our goal so we can actually accomplish it.

This is basically the current state we are in now. To show you how uncoordinated the search for extra terrestrial intelligence is when you use the term SETI to say you are performing a search for extra terrestrial intelligence anyone who knows anything about this field thinks you are talking about the organization SETI. As if that is the only way to search for extra terrestrial intelligence.

Imagine if a small organization had made such use of the term military that every time the public tried to use the term military or discuss concepts pertinent to the military defending them, they kept continuously having everyone reference the small organization that everyone thought was the military. That is what we are going to run up against as we continue to search for extra terrestrial intelligence. It's as if someone with eXtra terrestrial intelligence positioned themselves in the organization and called it SETI on purpose to so they could CONtrol proGRESS of the search for extra terrestrial intelligence.

We need to remember that if the findings are very unpleasant, HNFS will try to convince us to disregard the findings and continue searching. This means we need to be willing to accept a worst case scenario. Also, we need to look for the worst case scenario first, not last. So we will be looking for the possibility humanoid extra terrestrials (HET) who function as the point of a more elaborate eXtra terrestrial/humanoid extra terrestrial (ESH) system have not inserted themselves into our system already. We will be trying to disprove they are at war (Why?) with us, they are using us as their slaves (EMSR), and they are tricking us into building out their infrastructure (EPMS).

We also are going to take a good look at ourselves and make sure we are not suffering from being hopeful (HNFS). We have to be willing to accept that we don't like the findings and what that infers about the future. Blindly ignoring the results and waiting for the government and military to use the media as a mouthpiece to provide us with partial disclosure should be viewed as a failure.

For step five, we need to make sure the group is uniform. What this means is we need to make sure the group does not get to far ahead of itself or fall to far behind itself. This is exactly what has happened up to this point. Research groups have roared ahead wasting enormous amounts of time and energy on every theory that comes to mind except the Two Way Mirror Theory and the willingness to search for Hetlau using ETI.

The rest of the group has remained behind to the extent that most people barely even believe in eXtra terrestrials, much less know anything about them or UFOs.

Essentially, the middle of the group which should be the largest part with the most people in it and the smallest numbers in the front and rear is exactly the opposite. Right now there is a group in the forefront searching and a group who believe in some level of existence following behind. The largest part of the group doesn't have any idea what's even going on and isn't even part of the group. The forward-looking researchers only care about their research and aren't willing to spend the time to get the group involved. The part of the group that believes doesn't want to spend the time getting the group involved since they aren't believers. So it is a huge dysfunctional group that is playing right into the hand of ESH exhibiting ETI that knows how to use group psychology to control the group.

The best evidence of this is how a person trying to claim the possibility exists that Hetlau is viewed as suffering a delusional disorder or schizophrenic break from reality. If you stop to think about it, the people holding that opinion have not spent one penny and/or one second trying to confirm that what they are saying as true. Yet society blindly follows their ExperT opinion. Makes you wonder how they became such an ExperT on the subject matter they make no EfforT studying.

The Two Way Mirror Theory provides a solution to all this. It explains how to search for eXtra terrestrials without spending any money and be able to start seeing results in a 24 hour period. The only drawback is you won't like what you see and you will be forced to decide whether you still want the truth even if it's very unpleasant to deal with. Or, would you rather ignore it and continue to listen to the same story you have been hearing all along even as they try to modify the story (history) with partial disclosure.

The concept is very simple. Think of Earth like an interrogation room in a police station. In those rooms are mirrors that enable people (ESH) to stay hidden on the other side so the person being interrogated (EA) can't see them.

Interrogation Room with Two Way Mirror

Two Way Mirror

When you're young you don't even know that there are two way mirrors. This is symbolic of an EA who doesn't know what a HET is. As you grow older you learn about two way mirrors, especially the ones in police station interrogation rooms. This is symbolic of getting older and hearing about HET and the possibility they live among us.

The Two Way Mirror Theory is going to turn the light on behind the two way mirror by introducing the possibility of HETLAU. Not only introducing the concept but by teaching you to think about it as you look at life going on around you. For it is just watching life go on around you from the correct reference point that you can see HETLAU. 

The key is when the light is turned on, ESH know it is going to happen. So any extra terrestrial in a non-humanoid form would leave the interrogation room because they know the EA will able to identify them. For example, it would be obvious a three-foot-tall green being with almond-shaped eyes and antennae was eXtra terrestrial and not EA. In other words, this is why you don't see them walking around on Earth in broad daylight. So you can use the analogy of not being able to see them in broad daylight just like why you can't see them when the light is turned on in the interrogation room. They intentionally avoid Visual IDentification (VID) because it will force premature disclosure and damage their ETA.

What is going to happen when the light is turned on is you are going to see what appear to be EA standing behind the mirror. The key is you need to realize the possibility exists that the people standing behind the mirror are either HET or complicit EA. In other words, the EA who have no idea what is going on are the ones being interrogated so it is not possible for a basic, normal, or unaware EA to be behind the mirror. The possibility of being behind the mirror is representative of either being HET or being an EA who is aware Hetlau and is complicit with them. 

HET View of EA

So the most difficult part now is training your mind when you look at the mirror to think am I looking at a HET or complicit EA or am I looking at a basic, normal, or unaware EA who doesn't know what's going. The key is you now know what's going on you just don't believe it.

So what is the mirror then? Obviously, it's not every mirror you look into each day. The Two Way Mirror is everything you look at that involves people on a national or global level each day. So, for example, every time you turn on the TV, watch a movie, read a magazine, or read the newspaper you are looking at the mirror. The problem is because you are taught to not know or believe in HET growing up you project onto the media format (the symbolic Two Way Mirror) you are getting information from the state of psychological understanding you currently have which is that everyone is EA so the people in the media format are EA

All you have to do is change the way you view things and when you see people who are functioning at a national or global level just think to yourself this person may be a normal EA but the possibility exists they may also be HET or a complicit EA.

As soon as you start thinking that way you will have symbolically turned on the light behind the mirror and starting searching for HET using ETI at no cost and already started seeing results in the first 24 hour period.

From there, all you have to do is check back with HumanoidExtraTerrestrialsLiveAmongUs.com to further educate yourself and better be able to understand the possibilities of what this means.

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Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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