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Extra Terrestrial Wormation

Word Formation to Reveal Hidden Clues


WORMATION or WORD FORMATION is one of the most important tools available in the Search for ETI (SETI). Recognizing the possibility Hetlau are implementing an ET Architecture, we can analyze it using the EARTH methodology. Rather than waiting for partial disclosure of radio waves from outer space, we can elevate our EA awareness level to that of ETI and stay ahead of the full disclosure curve.

Using the tools available in wormation, we can replace the scientific methodology with the EARTH Methodology. The reason we don't like to use the scientific method is it violates our primary premise. If the possibility exists Hetlau then it also is possible they placed all the languages and concepts on the planet as well. Thus facts would just be factitious forms of proof and corroboration would just be partial forms of disclosure.

The word SCIENCE, when broken down into its porphemes, is:


A scion is a detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant, used in grafting. So loosely interpreted, it is a root that is an offshoot of the parent. Using it as an analogy, in this case, it is knowledge that is brought to Earth for the purpose of growing it or expanding it.

A fence is something that defines a perimeter.

So the possibility exists that science is a tool put forth on Earth by the ESH in order to control the growth of expansion of knowledge. This is in direct contrast to the way EA believe the scientific method works. They feel that through the scientific method, science is basically where all learning and information originate from. The ESH makes sure that only limited knowledge that allows for misdirection and subliminal dissemination is present.

Stepping back and looking at the EARTH methodology, we can use the tools available in wormation to translate the languages on Earth to find hidden clues that will reveal the preponderance of evidence we are looking for.

Wormation tools:

  1. Porphemes
  2. Alphanumerics
  3. Bracketing
  4. Ecronyms
  5. Enagrams
  6. Symbolism
  7. Reversals
  8. Opposition
These are the EighT primary tools of wormation. They allow you to analyze language structures on Earth at a higher intellectual level than current EA linguistic concepts allow for. This enables the EARTHER to either reverse engineer hidden clues from cryptographic messages left in steganographic formats here on Earth. Also, just like the word wormation itself you can forward engineer communication structures in order to stay ahead of the full disclosure curve.

As you begin to learn how to process the information, in the beginning, you will want to understand the actual wormation tool that was used to make the necessary translation. As you progress, you will see the term wormation used. As it implies, you understand the underlying concepts and can easily identify on your own which one was used.

A quick overview:

Porphemes—using portmanteaus and morphemes to reverse and forward engineer words with eXtra terrestrial meaning.

Alphanumerics—interchangeable letters and numbers.

A = 1    E = 5    I = 9      M = 13   Q = 17   U = 21   Y = 25
B = 2    F = 6    J = 10    N = 14    R = 18   V = 22   Z = 26
C = 3    G = 7   K = 11   O = 15    S = 19   W = 23
D = 4   H = 8   L = 12    P = 16    T = 20    X = 24

Bracketing—using the beginning and ending letters of a word to reverse and forward engineer words with eXtra terrestrial meaning.

Ecronyms—Similar to acronyms except for the location of the anchor letter which references the word may be in any position, though usually the first or last position. Used to reverse and forward engineer words with extra terrestrial meaning.

Enagrams—Similar to anagrams except for the respelling, may take place inside another word or may or may not involve the whole word. Basically a looser interpretation of what can be respelled. Used to reverse and forward engineer words with eXtra terrestrial meaning.

Symbolism—Using symbols, often times with a very loose interpretation interchangeably with letters and numbers to reverse and forward engineer words with eXtra terrestrial meaning.

Reversals—reversing (backwards) letters, numbers or symbols, ex ET = TE, to reverse and forward engineer words with eXtra terrestrial meaning.

Opposition—taking the opposite of something and using letters, numbers or symbols, ex Left is the opposite of Right so L = R, to reverse and forward engineer words with eXtra terrestrial meaning.

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Extra Terrestrial Wormation
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