Extraterrestrial Communication

Part one

"If you are present in the future of your own choice, looking at your past, and laughing about it; does it mean that, if you are present in the past, looking at the future of your choice, you are excited?" Zorak. 05.25.15

Beyond good and evil, as Omar Khayyam the closeted agnostic sci-fi lover of the middle ages wrote in his quatrain:  

So I be written in the Book of Love

I do not care about the Book Above

Erase my name, or write it as you will

So, I be written in the Book of Love

In a magnificent and enlightening retreat in heavenly Palm Springs, I was Inspired and intrigued to give it another try in connecting with a God. In an advance communication using my Galaxy 6 in a simple and direct message to God I wrote:

"Let us pray!!!

Dear God; may the blessings of this magical communication device be upon us, so I can be one of your humble messengers, and entertain the contemplative composite minds of this magnificent arrangement @ your will and pleasure. Amen."

I gave myself a three days time frame, and patiently waited for a response, but I think God was nowhere to be found, or too busy being a God, or; maybe the truth is something else?

In this magnificent suspended playground dancing around a ball of fire; it's all good and dandy, fun and games, excitements and discoveries until cleverness is confused with wisdom.

I have rebelled against my religion before, and have crucified myself, accepting the consequences of my own peaceful, caring and loving actions. Each resurrection has been another step in a powerful process of transformation from a fearful primitive human, to a more compassionate alien, liberating me from the boundaries of the Grand Delusion.

When a unit of creative consciousness residing in a fragile, short-lived, organic, biological creature known as the humans, is inclined by competition, the focus of its existence is directed to an authority, characterized as the gamekeeper to assure awareness of its existence as a leader, personified as a dictator.

Once conscious and curious about the nature of the subconscious mind; the processor of the unit begins an inevitable progress in an ecstatic journey; searching for personal truth, self-realization, and further advancement in discoveries of hidden potentials of the genius.

It was the day of atonement in the city of angels when I realized my true purpose in this experience we call life. It sure was not to be found in any beautiful building erected to the unknown, with ornamental columns and pilasters.

In that instant; I took a leap of faith on myself and decided to test this unknown almighty, and his possible potentials by my own self-induced peaceful actions, needless of any permissions or interferences of a lesser intelligence.

I left the structure sometime around Noon and found myself in my favorite Persian restaurant in west Los Angeles. In my mind; I was in Hell, but once fed; I looked up and I recited the magical spell Adji, Madji, LaaTaraji.

I was free, ... and grateful!

Deep in the abyss of my personal universe; I felt more content with a self-challenging decision as I was contemplating on creativie thinking: does the creator admire, protect or perhaps even worship creation; or vice-versa?

From that moment on, there was only one way to go, and that was forward. With a larger than life question hanging over my head- why do I acknowledge what I don't know? And what right do I have to expect the notion of what I believe in; to be true, and acceptable?

The terrifying thoughts of how do I cope with my Self, when I discover that everything that I thought I knew to be true; was invalid, and perhaps essentially fallacious?

Awareness of accumulated experiences, define my personality. Application of accumulated knowledge to everyday life defines my character. My beliefs define my delusions, and my laughter defines my illusions.

"Your world was not created in six days, six weeks, six moths, six years, six decades, six centuries or six eons. It is the result of a dramatic collision. Your solar system with your world as the seventh planet from the heliopause or the third planet from the Sun was white, shining bright like a diamond. Covered in ice thousands of miles thick this reflective sphere of light was at the right location but in the wrong position to meet the necessary requirements to be a candidate for a new ecosystem.

Our initial intervention with the star system corrected the position of the planet's axis by bringing it the right angle. Then we rearranged the Moon's orbit in a new tidal lock, fixing the duration of rotation of the Moon around the earth and around its own axis. It is not by coincidence that the visible diameter of the Sun and the Moon, observed from the surface of the planet measure exactly the same. The new coordinations affected the magnetic field of the Earth corresponding to the magnetic field of the Moon. The new tidal lock created a different frequency current, causing the planet to heat from the inside. The ice began to melt from the inside. Heated waters under a lot of pressure met silicon in excitement. The engine was ignited.

Soon air bubbles formed a gap between the outer layer of the icy planet and the newly formed waters, making the conditions suitable to support living organism.

Life sprung in the waters as the gap between the heated water and the ice expanded. Land appeared in the newly isolated environment. The protective shield was shrinking, constantly changing the conditions for the living organisms. Eventually, the protective ice shield was thin enough to crack. Severe changes in the weather pattern occurred as the stabilized air inside was disturbed. In an instant, the thin shield shattered to pieces crashing down to the earth as balls of fire. The destruction of the shell revealed the Sun. The white planet transformed to blue.

The second interference took place on the blue planet when we manipulated the genetics of the species in evolution. Ever since we have been revealing our presence to the most advanced creatures living on the planet. But the primitive sensory perceptions of the species living in fear of survival have never been able to establish an advanced communication in waking life. So we had no other mean but to contact humans but in their dreams when the fear of survival is dormant. Warning signs 

We are now stepping up by using your technological advancement to not only reveal our presence but also to expose our anatomy." Anonymous. 

To be continued, ... 

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