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Extraterrestrial Communication

Apparition and disappearance

Out of this world, exquisite extraterrestrial 

The fractured body of an unconscious man admitted to the E.R. was identified as Marduk Murdoch. The thirty-three-year-old was involved in a collision. He was transferred from an urgent care in the suburbs to the city hospital. 

"He Doc! My team is ready. Where is the patient?"

"In the OR."

"Not this OR."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean we got tired of anticipating his arrival."

"I will be up there in a sec."

Dr. Learsi had noticed the unusual retina with two sets of optic nerves. He was pondering the abnormality. The blood test results made no sense. He printed the lab report and walked toward the elevator. 

Learsi is not an ordinary physician. He is a physicist with extended studies on the quantum mechanics. A scientist, an inventor, and a noble prize nominee. He called the lab, ordered a few unusual tests and rushed to the OR. To his stunt, he found the transporter fast asleep in the stretcher, left outside the elevator.

Learsi's successful attempt awakened the transporter in disbelief.  

"Why am I on the stretcher?" Asked the transporter.

"Exactly! Any idea?" Learsi asked.

"No. I was transporting the patient to the OR. That is the last thing I can remember."

The staff began to search for the missing patient. Learsi was confused and baffled. He went for the first available screen to look for the results of the secondary tests. He walked to the lab for his personal inspection of the blood specimens. The blood samples had also disappeared with no trace of the results in the computer. 

The next emergency call redirected Learsi's attention. The day went by quickly with no further sign of Murdoch. Exhausted and puzzled on his drive home his innovative mind was preoccupied figuring out the disappearance of the strange creature which might be the product of a secret scientific experimental attempt in creating a hybrid? A trans-human with alien properties capable of teleportation; Marduk Murdoch seemed to be nothing but a fictional character with alien properties of an extraterrestrial intelligence?

Learsi was standing behind an attractive woman browsing the magazine stands, reading the headlines, imagining a cover story:

"The strange body similar to that of a male human involved in a car collision had vanished on its way to the operation room. A top-secret highly confidential information about initiation and attempt in creating transhumans, or an extraterrestrial traveler amongst us." 

"Midnight shoppers have greater missions." Said the woman.

"Indeed!" Responded Learsi.

"Freedom is priceless." She claimed and walked away.

Could it get any stranger? Learsi though to himself.

Shahram Farshadfar
Shahram Farshadfar

Multidimensional extraterrestrial travelers visiting the Earth in search of intelligence. Authentic & original, offensive & politically incorrect; they come in peace and have a great sense of humor. Proceed @ your own risk.

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Extraterrestrial Communication
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