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F-18 Pilot Tells Government 'Beware of Aliens, UFO's Are Real!'

Suggests They May Not Be Benevolent Beings!

F-18 preparing to trap aboard carrier

The plot thickens and continues to support Subliminal Dissemination and the possibility of HETLAU.

Today, a new article was released by Fox News further updating previous articles from the Pentagon and F-18 UFO Intercept. For the first time now since Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT, the sighting of a UFO has not only entered mainstream media, it has taken a serious tone, as well.

This sighting alone outdoes all the other sightings of 2017.

Cdr. David Fravor has been quoted in the article as saying

“We all need to take these seriously as a species, because right now we don't know the intent of these things, if they're like ET it's great, if they're like War of the Worlds not so much.

“You can ignore them and hope they're just going to observe, or you can do something about it and try to understand what they’re doing and develop technology, in case they do have a bad intention.”

So in the month since the story first broke, the intensity of the comments have heightened to the point where the pilot, a commanding officer, is recommending Government officials take this seriously and that they should look at the possibility of a worst-case scenario.

What doesn't make sense is, if you go back and take a look at the time frame of the initial intercept the Military claimed it happened, it was in 2004. If you were an F-18 pilot and returned from your mission with gun camera footage of a UFO and the story this guy is telling, the top officers in the Military would quickly be looped in.

So, as with everything the public gets by the time it is released, it is not only no longer a story, it is now a cover story to prevent the public from paying attention to some other story. If you don't believe me, go back and look at the time frames of the development of top secret vehicles at Area 51 and then look at when the government releases information about the vehicle and then go back and look at the development dates for the next vehicle being developed. 

By the time the public hears about anything having to do with these things, they are old news, at best. We're still being told about the SR-71 which they claim is still the highest, fastest plane ever built. What is obviously a joke about that is the SR-71 was built in the 50s using slide rules. In this modern age, when commercial airliners are so complicated to be built, they have to be completely designed using computers. We still supposedly can't build anything that flies faster and higher than something built with slide rules in over 65 years.

What is even more bizarre about this whole story is not only the ten year delay in its release, but also the apparent need to listen with such concern all of a sudden. If you follow along with the concept of the HETLAU, there would be Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us and Earthlings would be their slaves.

Look at what happens when you read the pilots' names on the UFO intercept in Alien (you may want to brush up on porphemes)

Cdr. David "Sex" Fravor

R = 18 (alphanumeric)

F  R   AV     OR  S  EX
F  18 AViatOR iS EXtra terrestrial

Lt Cdr Jim Slaight

ve eIGHT
ve EighT (note the ET bracketing the word EighT)

So when you read their names in Alien, it says one is a HET and the other is an Earthling slave, which is exactly what the HETLAU theory says is happening. 

Could this be the reason the Government is moving so slowly? Is this just more substantiation it's all just Subliminal Dissemination?

It will be interesting to see what the UFO sighting that supersedes this one has to offer, or will anyone start paying attention and realize these vehicles aren't even flying?

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F-18 Pilot Tells Government 'Beware of Aliens, UFO's Are Real!'
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