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Fairy Lily

Short Story

Once upon a time in a faraway land in the deepest corner of the deepest forest there was a beautiful fairy. She was a curious one; always observing and learning from every single creature that lived there.

One day, while the fairy was walking through the woods, she saw a creature she had never seen before. He looked a little bit like her but without the pointy ears and wings. He was taller than any dwarf but shorter than the giants who inhabited the mountains. His hair was red like fire and he was riding a unicorn without its horn.

She decided to climb one of the trees to take a better look at him but being as reckless as she always was, the branch she was standing on broke and she felt with a noisy “POW” on a bunch of autumn leaves.

“Who are you?” asked the Prince looking at her up and down. “Are you a bird? Or a maiden?” he was confused since he had never seen a maiden with beautiful shimmering wings.

“I’m not a bird though I can fly and I’m not a maiden, haven’t you noticed my pointy ears?” she said a bit upset.

“Then who are you?” the Prince was even more confused.

“I’m a Fairy, I deliver magic through the woods, I make the flowers bloom and help the bees produce sweet golden honey,” she replied feeling proud of her own nature. “My name is Lily.”

“Nice to meet you Fairy Lily I am Roy, Prince of the Kingdom of Yuuki, I came to this faraway place to find adventures and become the bravest Prince of all time.”

“Well Prince Roy, you came to the right place, I’ll show you my world and help you become the bravest one,” said Lily and together they traveled around the vast forest.

She took him to the Lake of Honesty where beautiful mermaids with colorful flints were resting under the sun. They flew over the Hills of Greatness and Roy was amazed by the size of the hardworking giants. Finally, they observed from a tree within the Ryoku Village, where the strong little dwarfs were creating the most beautiful ornaments from regular looking rocks.

When the night fell and the fireflies were illuminating the forest, they said their goodbyes promising to see each other the next day.

Lily was flying back to her tree house when she heard a noise coming from between the trees. Was it a deer or maybe a playful raccoon? Curious as she always was, she walked towards that place when suddenly a bright purple light surrounded her and the Evil Witch from the Kuro Caves appeared!

“Little Lily I will take you with me and by taking the curiosity away from you I’ll become wiser and when that Prince Roy comes to rescue you, his bravery will aslo be mine!” The Evil Witch laughed and even if Fairy Lily tried her best, she couldn’t escape from the Witch’s magical power and she started shrinking more and more until she was so tiny she could fit in the tiniest cup of tea.

The next day, Prince Roy went back to the same place he had met Lily the day before. He patiently waited… and waited… and waited but Lily never came. Worried that something might had happened to her, he went to the lake and asked the honest mermaids if they had seen her.

“We are sorry Prince Roy but Fairy Lily hasn’t come around here and to tell you the truth, we haven’t heard from her at all!” the mermaids reply sadly.

The Prince then climbed the Hills of Greatness and asked the giants.

“We apologize Roy, from here it is easy to observe above the trees but we haven’t seen Little Lily since yesterday!” The giants seemed worried.

Finally he visited the dwarfs at Ryoku Village.

“Sorry Roy,” said one of the dwarfs, “She hasn’t come here today!”

Prince Roy was about to give up hope when suddenly a small Unicorn came running.

“Prince Roy, I know where she is!” he said in a hurry.

“The Evil Witch from the Kuro Caves took her! Oh poor little Fairy Lily she must be so scared! Hurry up! You must rescue her!”

The Prince felt a little bit scared, he has never fought an Evil Witch before. Was he strong enough? Was he brave enough? He didn’t know and he would never know if he didn’t try.

“Where does that Evil Witch live?” he finally said.

“The Kuro Cave is the darkest place on this land. It is in the highest top of the highest mountain but you need to be careful, half way up there a huge dragon lives. He’s in charge of guarding the entrance and I’ve heard he’s not friendly.”

Dragons and Witches were too much but he needed to try his best to bring his fairy friend back!

And so Prince Roy went, braveness helping him move his arms and legs, helping him climb rock after rock until he reached half way the top of the mountain. Just as the Unicorn has said, there it was! An ginormous dragon was guarding the place and when he saw the Prince he approached him with scary claws and fangs!

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” said the dragon. The Prince tried to hide his fear and answered in a confident voice.

“My name is Roy and I’m a very brave Prince! Please let me go through, my dearest friend is in danger and I came to rescue her!”

The Dragon observed the Prince. His legs were shaking but there was determination in his face, he might be scared but he was the bravest nonetheless.

“Prince Roy,” finally the Dragon said, “you have come from faraway and I recognize bravery runs in your veins. But before I can let you through I’m going to tell you a story about a dragon and his bad luck!”

"Not a very long time ago a dragon inhabited the woods. That dragon was me, my name is Tomo and I was friends with the dwarves, the giants, and many more. But one day while playing in the woods, I carelessly tripped and fall over a tiny little house that belonged to the gnomes. Nobody was hurt but they didn’t forgive a clumsy dragon like me. Calling me names they never invited me back to play. And so the days went by and the creatures started to talk, they said I was dangerous and no one wanted to play no more. So this poor dragon escaped from his luck becoming a fierce Dragon nobody wanted to trust."

Roy quietly listened to the dragon’s story trying to understand how sad and lonely Tomo must have felt. He realized that this poor dragon was misunderstood and he never said anything because his heart was hurt.

“Tomo, I believe the only thing you need is a trustful friend. Someone who will stand for you even if everyone else has turned their backs at you.” The sadness in the dragon’s face started to disappear and he thought that finally someone had listened, finally someone tried to understand and he wasn’t feeling so lonely anymore.

“Roy, thank you so much for giving me the chance to tell you my story and to show you my gratitude. I will help you get to the Kuro Caves so you can help your friend!”

And so Roy climbed on the dragon’s back and together they flew towards the top of the mountain. They landed at the entrance of the cave, it was dark and spooky but that didn’t stop Roy anymore, even if Tomo wouldn’t be able to go with him since he was too big but promised to wait for him and Lily.

Prince Roy entered the cave and it was so dark he could barely see anything in front of him. He kept walking slowly until a strange sound caught his attention. He tried to look around but nothing was moving in the shadows. Suddenly, a bright purple light appeared out of nowhere surrounding him and he felt he couldn’t move anymore! He tried to walk, or talk but he couldn’t.

Finally, the Evil Witch appeared, purple and white light illuminated the cave; next to her, Lily was in a tiny bright bubble.

“Prince Roy! You came here thinking you could save the Fairy but it will be impossible! Now your bravery is mine!” The Evil Witch laughed.

Roy was scared, he was so scared he felt he was going to cry!

“Prince Roy, don’t believe her! She’s lying!” Lily shouted from inside the magic bubble, her voice small but firm. “Bravery, curiosity, generosity, and friendship are things that live in everyone’s heart! No matter how much the Evil Witch tries to take it away from us it is impossible!”

“How did you know that?” The Evil Witch was surprised.

“I observed and my curiosity helped me learn these things! You will never learn, be brave, or have friends if you try to take it away by force! If you let your heart fill with darkness and not joy you will never get those things!” Fairy Lily said softly feeling sorry for the Witch because she thought forcing others to feel bad or sad would make her better.

While the Witch was distracted, Prince Roy felt his bravery growing inside his heart and ran towards her, grabbed the magic wand she was using and broke the spell that kept the Fairy captive.

“NOOOOO!” The Evil Witch shouted and ran away, hiding in the darkness of her cave. Roy tried to run after her but Lily stopped him.

“Let’s leave her alone,” she said “I’m pretty sure she won’t harm anybody and hopefully she will stop once and for all.”

“But, how do you know?” Prince Roy asked.

“I just trust her, I believe she might have learned at least a little bit about kindness and I hope she finds the light in her heart!”

Prince Roy and Fairy Lily walked back to the exit of the cave and there, just as he had promised before, was the dragon waiting patiently for his friend to return.

“So you are Fairy Lily,” he said “If you are a friend of Roy, I’m sure you can be my friend!”

“Thank you!” Lily replied smiling.

Tomo let them ride his back one more time and together they flew high, up through the blue sky and made the promise of always understanding, helping and standing by each other. And that was how their great friendship started.


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