Fantasy Novels We Need

Someone please write these!

Wizards, vampires, and werewolves are the most common fantasy creatures in books and television. Of course, the greatest fantasy novels have these basic supernatural beings like Harry Potter. Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, and Twilight are also very popular books among this generation and even though these are good books I and a lot of readers I know are bored of these overused supernatural beings.

I would love to see new fantasy creatures being front and center in a novel. As much I respect and adore the classics and will probably always read a book containing these types of beings I think authors need to change it up a bit. Some of the supernatural creatures I would love to have as main characters in books are:


In my life, I have only read one book series in which a necromancer is the main character and can I tell you it was a bomb-ass book series. "The Darkest Power" trilogy had one of the most badass necromancer characters ever, and I for one wanna see more of them. There are for sure other novels with necromancers if I looked but no one I have come into contact with has ever referred me to a fantasy novel with a necromancer main character. Maybe I'm hanging around the wrong people but hey we should have a least one widely known necromancy-centered book or series. Yeah, we have some zombie books but let's have someone controlling them. This trilogy also contained zombie bats how awesome is that?


No, I don't mean people who turn into wolves even though those are technically a type of shapeshifter, but let people turn into other animals. Let us have a Beast Boy type main in a novel! Hell, why don't authors give us someone who can turn into another person! There can literally be a serial killer shapeshifter who kills people and becomes them for a bit until he can ditch his life, because is it really murder if there is no body?


Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf is an AMAZING character! Give us great female characters who literally scream and find dead bodies. From what I've read there has not been a book dedicated to a teen banshee and from what I've seen on TV only Teen Wolf has had a main banshee and one episode of Smallville, Supernatural, and Charmed had one. The banshee can work with the cops and give anonymous tips to find where a dead body is buried. I feel as if this would be a great comedy despite the death. Give us more!


I know Reaper and the Grim Reaper have a bad reputation although I never understood why. It is just a person who takes you to the afterlife, why they escort us is unknown to me. Maybe they just don't want you to be lonely or maybe they don't want you to make a break for it cause they get some sort of commission for how many souls they take. Either way, we need a book that tells us stuff like that! The only reapers I have seen are on TV. How awesome would it be for us to get a book about someone who basically takes you to where you go to the afterlife. There are so many possibilities to what a reaper book series can do. We have ghosts and the living but what about the in between? That moment when you die?

There are so many different types of supernatural beings and creatures that can make a good YA novel. As much as the classic supernatural beings are great we should have more to read than the same vampire novel that you just read. Come on authors give us something new!

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Fantasy Novels We Need