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Fire Fury Freedom

The must read sci-fi story of 2018.

The planet is dying, on the verge of collapse, and they are the last hope to save it...

Mack, an ex-soldier of the mega-corporation C.D.F.P.'s Military Division, now leads his mercenaries on a quest to save their dying planet. After learning that extreme global warming, caused by the C.D.F.P., has ravaged the planet, Mack is determined to make them pay for what they've done. All life is at the brink of extinction.

The populous, having been kept in the dark by the C.D.F.P., have been left to live in poverty and ignorance. With the Company controlling the air domes provided to cities, they are at the mercy of the C.D.F.P.'s whim. As Mack leads his mercenaries across the lands, they find themselves forced to run or fight at every turn. 

Their path is perilous, dodging the C.D.F.P. every step of the way. The planet is literally crumbling all around them with the extreme weather patterns creating lethal threats. Can they survive long enough to save the world?


This incredible sci-fi action-adventure is set in a dystopian world where survival is the name of the game. Written in the 3rd person, this omnipresent story encapsulates the perspectives of many characters to tell the story. Life and death, love and war, this novel has it all.

Fire Fury Freedom is the precursor to an upcoming series, Fire Fury Frontier, which is set to release in Spring 2019. The upcoming series is said to be set several hundred years after the events in Fire Fury Freedom.

Read it today.

Fire Fury Freedom in the news.

"...we asked Amanda which actors she envisioned starring in Fire Fury Freedom if it were to be turned into a Hollywood film or network series.

Amanda said she’d love to see lead character ‘Mack’ portrayed by Karl Urban (Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy, ‘Eomer’ in the Lord of the Rings), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) cast as ‘Vince’, and Laura Prepon (Orange is the New Black, That 70s Show) take on the role of ‘Suako’."

FROM AN AMAZON REVIEWER: "Right from page one I was sucked in. I loved that there was no build up, we just dove right into action. A lot of the dystopian books I find tend to be either after nuclear war or zombie type scenarios, so this felt really fresh taking on global warming. The ending was absolutely shocking, I wont leave any spoilers, but wow. I did not want this to end. I've heard the author is writing a sequel so I'm excited to dive in for that!"

Author Bio:

Amanda Rose, (1988-Present), was born in Toronto Ontario, to Paul and Deborah Rose. She grew up in Kingston Ontario, and has lived in Southern Ontario all of her life. Amanda took an interest in reading and writing from a young age. In high school she began competing her short stories in contests, and at age 16 she wrote her first adventure novel, Fire Fury Freedom (2018).

In her college years she continued to compete her stories, and two years in a row won first prize among many competing schools. In her early twenties she was featured in the Canadian Anthologies produced by the Poetry Institute of Canada, both for poetry and short stories. Many of Amanda's Short Stories and Poetry pieces are available in her anthology, A Strange Dream: An Anthology of Short Stories and Poetry (2018).

Amanda enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics, and in various styles. Her first publication, Manifesting on Purpose (2018) ties back to her roots in new age studies with the Law of Attraction. Her second Publication, Fire Fury Freedom (2018) is the pride and joy of a lifetime of writing for Amanda, exploring a Dystopian world in an action-adventure fantasy.

It is Amanda's hope that her works of literature inspire thoughtful change, and spark the imagination.

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