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First Major Volute (UFO) Sighting of 2018

Major based on the number of repostings.

The UFO sighting with the largest number of repostings so far in 2018 is this one. There is even a video which accompanies the article. As with all UFO videos and images, the quality is substandard. Even the image in the header of the page makes you wonder if it is photoshopped. It is getting a lot of attention though and it certainly is a good opportunity to evaluate what is going on.

One question is why are all the videos and images of UFOs of such poor quality? Even the gun camera footage of the F-18 UFO intercept leaves a lot to be desired. In my opinion what you are seeing is the effect of the propulsion system of the UFO. Once the power is turned on even when sitting on the ground it must create some sort of electromagnetic field that causes the distortion in all the images and videos. Cameras and video recorders have been improving in quality by a quite a bit since the advent of the smartphone yet all images and video still are of poor quality. So it must have something to do with the vehicles. 

Maybe a few individuals want the images blurry to hide their hoaxes but it is hard to believe every person trying to capture images of these things is intentionally trying to alter the quality of the image. That leads to reason it must be the vehicle itself causing the effect.

The next thing that hasn't changed is the knee-jerk reaction to say the object is flying by using the term UFO. I don't think most people are even aware by using that term they are suggesting the object is actually flying. Just look at the difference in the next three images:

B-2 Flying Wing

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Volute (UFO)

Do you see how the vehicles in the first two images which are cutting edge Earthling developed technology both have wings to fly with? Yet the Volute (UFO) in the third image clearly is not capable of flying. There must be some other terminology and technology taking place such as that of vectored levitation (vectating) which is taking place.

It is almost as if we need to reassign the definition of UFO as

Understanding Flying Objects
Uniformed Figure Observing

You always get people who immediately say it doesn't have to be an extra terrestrial spacecraft to be a UFO. The problem is that is not helping us figure out what extra terrestrial spacecraft are. Its literally taking us backwards.

There probably is not even one ufologist who realizes the study of ufology requires you to be looking for objects that are flying. They probably have never even contemplated the possibility that extra terrestrial spacecraft are not flying and the terms ufo, ufologist, and ufology don't even apply.

To think that we have gone almost 75 years since Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT and still don't know the difference between flying and vectating as a society is difficult to believe. In other words, we would be better off focusing on ourselves, how we understand the concept of flying, and what we are really informed and uninformed about than focusing on the vehicle and just issuing a knee-jerk reaction "UFO" every time we see one.

Is it possible the terms ET and UFO were introduced by Hetlau into society in order to facilitate their plans for misdirection and subliminal dissemination? When you realize how the terms prevent you from discovering the terms HET and CTV it starts to become more obvious.

Did you know Tach One is the term for the speed of light similar to how mach one is the term for the speed of sound? Do you see how the term Celestial Tach one Vehicle (CTV) better represents what they are than UFO? Celestial as in they are from other star systems. Tach One as in they travel faster than Tach One at Tach numbers. They are vehicles, not objects.

Notice how advanced Earthing jets travel at mach numbers? Even commercial airliners measure their cruising speed as a percentage of mach one. So it's not to difficult to see that Volutes (UFOs) could employ the same concept just using light instead of sound to measure speed.

The key is to start using ETI when you are trying to analyze these things and what is going on on Earth.

Even if this UFO sighting is nothing more than photoshop and video edited nonsense it still is a great opportunity to discuss the technical aspects of what we are seeing. Elevating the conversation out of the legacy era of ET and UFO into the new paradigm of HET and CTV is better than anything else that has been suggested in the last 75 years.

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First Major Volute (UFO) Sighting of 2018
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