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Flat Earth Conspiracy

Could we be living on a flat Earth?

Members of the Flat Earth Society believe that the Earth is, well… flat. Walking around the planet it looks and feels flat, so they argue that despite evidence the Earth must be flat! Who cares about the satellite photos of Earth and NASA? It’s all just one big “round Earth conspiracy” organized by the government…

The concept that the Earth is flat has been depicted as one of the ultimate conspiracy theories in modern times. According to the FES [Flat Earth Society], their numbers increase by approximately 200 people per year. These members genuinely believe that the Earth is flat.

They provide evidence of such on their website FAQ. The evidence for the belief of a flat earth is most simply described as “relying on one's own senses to discern the true nature of the world around us.” Seems legit, right? They say the world appears flat, the underneath of the clouds are flat, and the movement of the sun revolves in a circle above this “flat” Earth. They provide an experiment that, in short, was performed on a six-mile stretch of water that proved the surface of the water to be flat... because we can compare six miles to thousands. Seems legit guys.

They do not believe in any photographic evidence proving the round Earth “conspiracy.” They believe photographs taken of horizon lines from an airplane are warped by the light of the sun that gives an optical illusion of a curved horizon. FES also state that the space agencies of the world are involved in a conspiracy of faking space travel that most likely began during the Cold War Space Race. They believe that the USSR and USA were so obsessed with besting each other's achievements that they faked their accomplishments in reaching Space. Since the Cold War is long over they now believe that the conspiracy is motivated by greed and that the funding is used to continue to “fake” space travel and embezzle the rest for the government and space agencies.

Day and night cycles are “easily” explained for a flat Earth. The sun moves in circles around the North Pole, and when it’s over your head it’s day, and when it’s not it is night. They further explain that the light of the sun is limited and that it acts as if it is a spotlight on the surface of the Earth.

Some have argues on it being impossible for magnets to exist on a flat Earth. They further explain magnetic fields by giving an example of ring magnets, which are found in items such as loudspeakers. Ring magnets are shaped like a flat disk, much like the “flat” Earth, and are capable of having radial magnetization.

One thing that sets apart the FES is the lack of religion. They state that anyone can believe the in the Earth being flat, and do not have to follow any sort of deity or religion to do so. This sets them apart as a conspiracy theory organization because most do in fact follow some sort of “magical being” or the notion of a greater power. These people simply just want to argue the shape of the Earth and nothing more. In fact, there are a few celebrities that claim to be Flat Earthers.

Whether you believe in a flat Earth or not is completely up to you. You can choose to trust in the government about our advancements in Space travel and the accomplishments they have made, or you can follow the FES and rule out many scientific based facts and evidence. The choice is completely and totally up to you. After all, how will we know unless we visit Space ourselves?

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Flat Earth Conspiracy
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