Angela Mortimer
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Flawed Gods

Space Opera

My Space Opera Series

Flawed Gods is the first book in a three-part space opera series. I find that readers often explain far better than the author what the book is about, as everyone’s interests vary.

Here are some of my favourites:

“In a future, planetary world, a former Varan lover who was misjudged and sent away as a criminal abducts the beautiful Doella from the man she agreed to marry. Thus begins the odyssey of two fleeing, passionate lovers who are pursued by her jilted bond-mate and eventually by Varan authorities. No Varan ever changed his or her bond mate. Marriage was for life. Doella’s hair was like a pale gold waterfall, and her eyes were the color of deep green emeralds. She was powerful, intuitive, and her golden body easily surrendered to her recurring need for passion. The odyssey to flee Varan pursuit leads to encounters with menacing societies, dangerous dragons, lecherous kings, and cunning wizards… until the Varan authorities and the jilted bond-mate capture Doella and her troupe. However Doella’s infidelity and lack of honor is now insignificant with the discovery of a threat to annihilate the Varan civilization. The last best Varan hope is to send Doella back into her most horrifying encounter. The clock is ticking … in a fascinating, suspenseful and sexy read.”

Flawed Gods is a beautifully woven hybrid of both sci-fi and fantasy. The author manages to move seamlessly from our world, to those she has created. Unlike with so many fantasy books, at no point did I feel that she had taken a step too far. She handles the balance between believability, and outright fantasy, with all the skill of a tightrope Walker. At no point does she topple into the cliché, or the over trodden paths of others.

The characters in this book are well formed and completely compelling. Doella, the main character, is a good example of this. I could totally see her in my mind's eye, and I wasn't always sure that I liked what I saw. That's one of the things I liked about this book. Too often characters are black or white. For me, Doella was a kind of gray,as are many people in the real world. Nobody is perfect, least of all, a flawed God.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of both fantasy and sci-fi. The rest of you will love it too; I know I did. Five stars.”

“In this terrific story, Angela Mortimer has created a perfectly imagined universe, with imperfect inhabitants. The protagonist, despite incredible abilities, is possibly the most flawed of all, her sexual predilections leading her into mistake after mistake, which for a god is somewhat human. But then she has spent time with humans in more ways than several. Doella is almost, but not quite, an innocent in all this, leaping from partner to partner in ‘Barabarella’ fashion and leaving a trail of enthusiastic males in her wake.

But Flawed Gods is about more than Doella. It is about power, the abuse of power and the mistakes that beings who consider themselves to be makers of worlds can make, lost in their own arrogance. Reminds me of modern day politicians…

If you are a fan of SF or Sci Fi, as the youngsters call it, then you will enjoy Flawed Gods, and if you are not you will still enjoy Flawed Gods. It is simply a great story and part of an epic saga in the spirit of Asimov and Clarke, so the story is not over by any means. An easy read with several thought provoking threads, told in a flawless style!”

How do I see Flawed Gods?

I looked around me and saw the same stupidity repeated in our history over and over. I wondered why we were not evolving? Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, what if we have no chance to evolve? The story started. It came easily. I did not like my main character and tried unsuccessfully to change her, seems I wasn’t in charge for it all worked out perfectly, and by the third book I cared for her.

I’ve always loved myth and read lots of sci-fi and comics as a child. Perhaps what you stuff into your mind has to come out too? Sometimes I was so confronted by the tale I was overseeing that I had to ask for honest feedback. Had I gone too far, if I changed it, the story would change too. Reassured, I left it as it needed to be, blaming ancient gods and their antics for what was making me uncomfortable.

When I got great feedback from strangers it made my self-doubts dissolve, and now I feel happy I stuck to the tale that came pouring out.

Flawed Gods by Angela B. Mortimer is available at:

Amazon, Apple Store, Smashwords, Nook, Kobe and most other eBook retailers.

It is also available in print form from CreateSpace and Amazon.

Follow me on Twitter @AngelaMortimer2 Website is

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Angela Mortimer

Born in UK and now live In Oz. Love writing and art. I like to complicate my life and paint stories as well as write them. I do all genres but my fav will always be Scifi. Interested in everything, not a good idea when life dictates choose.

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