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Folk Tales Podcast Interviews Science Fiction Author Amanda Rose About Upcoming Series

Sci-Fi | Dystopia | Space Opera

If there's one thing we science fiction junkies can't get enough of, it's good content. There never seems to be enough new gripping science fiction movies, TV shows, or books. We. Devour. Them.

Particularly hard science fiction. All too often we find fantasy lumped into our science fiction category; just search on Netflix. Half of the sci-fi section is loaded with films and TV shows that are more fantasy than sci-fi. While fantasy is fantastic, for those of us who love space, we simply need more specific content coming out.

In the past decade one of the most gripping science fiction and space opera book series has been The Expanse, which originated from Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey, released in 2011. Since then this incredible book series has inspired a hit television show on the SyFy network—the first truly enthralling sci-fi TV series in a long time (dare I say since the Battlestar Galactica remake, 2004-2009).

Check out 'The Expanse'.

The New Series on the Rise

And now, we have a new science fiction series to sink our teeth into: The "Fire Fury" Series.

The first book, Fire Fury Freedom (2018), is a standalone in the series. It focuses in on in-depth world building and sets the stage. After world devastation due to accelerated Global Warming and an oppressive company that also rules as Government, a renegade group of mercenaries goes on a quest to save their dying world. This is dystopian science fiction at its finest.

With the next installment in this series due out in early 2019, Fire Fury Freedom is the perfect holiday gift for the science fiction lover on your list!

“A veritable saga of a dystopian novel by an author with a genuine flair for detailed originality, and narrative driven storytelling, "Fire Fury Freedom" by Amanda Rose is an extraordinary and truly memorable read from cover to cover.” -Midwest Book Review

'Fire Fury Freedom' Book Description:

A dying planet on the verge of collapse… tormented pasts that haunt the present… an ancient hidden magick…

The C.D.F.P. mega-corporation rules all with unchecked power and dark secrets.

The planet is dying, and they are the last hope to save it.

Mack, an ex-soldier of the C.D.F.P. military division, and his mercenaries stand alone against the C.D.F.P. (AKA the Company), in the fight for humanity’s survival. Left unchallenged, the company has ruled over the East Green Continent with an iron fist for decades. The pollution they’ve caused has devastated the planet, destroying the ozone and killing off plant and animal life. Outside of domed cities, the air is thin and the sun scorches all; it’s a veritable wasteland.

In the past two decades the planet has reached entirely new levels of decay. Extreme weather patterns and massive quakes ravage the land. Time is running out…

Mack and his mercenary troupe set out on a quest to stop the C.D.F.P. once and for all, and the planet will test them to their limits… But are they ready for the horrors they’ll uncover? Can they alone stand up against the all-powerful C.D.F.P.? 

Check out 'Fire Fury Freedom'.

'Fire Fury Frontier': Book One

Fire Fury Frontier, due out in early 2019, takes place over 200 years after the events in the first book. Fire Fury Frontier will be a consecutive series, set in space. It's the next great space opera we've been waiting for. Pre-order will be available by early December 2018.

The Interview

Folk Tales Podcast had author of the Fire Fury Series, Amanda Rose, in to discuss her works and get some insight into what we can expect as this incredible series progresses. Host, actress, and Canadian Poet Jennifer Verardi asks the questions we've all been dying to get the answers to!

Listen to the Podcast:

Segment 1, Episode 2 is up and Amanda Rose is in our studios with a short interview to talk about her first fiction series, particularly the first novel Fire, Fury, Freedom! Available on all major listening platforms, including Stitcher and Spotify. 

Seg.1: Interviews
Welcome, all! This is our first segment from Folk Tales and we are excited to bring you the journeys and highlights of all types of creative monsters! In this series, we explore and learn about the endeavours of creatives of all kinds. From actors to writers, join us for inspirational tales and journey highlights! Stay
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Folk Tales Podcast Interviews Science Fiction Author Amanda Rose About Upcoming Series
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