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Four Sci-Fi Movies That Should Totally Get A Reboot

Not all reboots have to be terrible.

In general I hate the idea of rebooting or remaking a classic movie. They very rarely are as good as the original and come across as a lazily made cash grab which is exactly what they usually are. I mean if a movie is considered to be a timeless classic, why else would Hollywood feel the need to revisit that story? Take Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes for example. Did anybody working on this movie really believe they were producing something special? I highly doubt it.

That doesn't mean that rebooting a movie can't work, however, and if it's well thought out, they can actually work. If you take a movie that has a good story but has been largely forgotten either due it becoming dated or its original lack of success, you can bring it up to date and could make a potentially great movie, and with this in mind I've compiled a list of movies that could be great if they are reimagined for a modern audience.

Silent Running (1972)


In a future where the earth has become barren, huge gigantic greenhouses are sent into space in order to preserve the remaining plants which are maintained by a small crew. When the crew is ordered to destroy the greenhouses and return to Earth, Freeman Lowell, a botanist, kills his fellow crew-members and sets a course for Saturn in the hopes of saving what is left of Earth's plant life.

Why it should be rebooted:

Ultimately though the film is about isolation, after the rest of the crew is dead Freeman is alone apart from the three robots he has reprogrammed to help him and movies like this as proven by 127 Hours, Moon, and Gravity have proven to be fairly popular. Combined with the potential of environmental disaster always present in people's minds, Silent Running could prove to be a profitable venture if given a limited budget.

Capricorn One (1977)


A group of astronauts who are set to take part in the first manned mission to Mars are suddenly swept away by government agents and forced to enact the mission in a movie studio instead. As a journalist becomes increasingly suspicious and begins to investigate the conspiracy, the government will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming out, including attempting to kill the astronauts who must go on the run in order to survive.

Why it should be rebooted:

Ok, so this is more of a thriller than a sci-fi movie, but I think it still qualifies. Much like Silent Running, this feels very dated when re-watching it but a more up-to-date version could make for a fun movie. We all know about the conspiracy theories regarding the Moon landing and whether true or not, the idea that the government might try to do something like this is quite compelling and could make for quite a fun film, especially when you add in the action elements.

The Last Starfighter (1984)


When teenager Alex Rogan beats the high score on an arcade machine at his trailer park, it is revealed to him by an alien, named Centurai, that the game is a test and he is recruited to join an alliance of aliens in order to protect the galaxy from a deadly invading force. Alex is reluctant to join and when he returns home he finds that he is being hunted by an alien bounty hunter and so must go back and help defeat the invaders and protect his home.

Why it should be rebooted:

It's a very simple premise that was quite common back in the 80s. A teenager's expert skill at something leads them to adventure and it's a premise that can still work today, especially when the subject matter has a lot to do with video games. A modern version wouldn't even have to utilize an arcade machine, as mobile, console or PC gaming could easily take its place, potentially leading to a video game tie-in, so think of the merchandising opportunities.

With updated special effects and the right cast and direction, it could prove to be a successful film franchise as well. That's right; I'm also thinking sequels, which is something the original was not able to achieve.

Darkman (1990)


A scientist named Peyton Westlake is attacked by goons working for a gangster named Durant. Left horribly disfigured, Peyton finds himself experiencing episodes of uncontrollable rage, and unable to return to his old life, he retreats into darkness. Able to disguise himself using a synthetic skin formula he had invented and without the ability to feel pain, Peyton swears revenge on those who ruined his life and becomes Darkman.

Why it should be rebooted:

The original movie was kind of a love note to comic book superheroes but it also has elements of classic horror in there too as it is sort of a Jekyll and Hyde story. Given the current popularity of comic book movies out there right now, it would make sense to reboot it. It's old enough that this take on a comicbook super heroes would seem quite fresh today, especially if it is kept true to the violence and humour of the original. This could easily be considered on a par with Deadpool as a “grown up” superhero movie.

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Four Sci-Fi Movies That Should Totally Get A Reboot
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