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Friend or Foe

Alien Visitations

Where do we stand with Extra Terrestrials?

As time progresses in the 21st century we find ourselves still asking the age old question: are we alone in the universe? We are now living in an age where information and accessibility to information is as abundant as ever. Still, we have many unanswered questions and doubts that arise from the activities of governments and government agencies alike. Many consider their actions to be a result of fear, that this could affect the systems that control many aspects governing our health, wealth, and knowledge. It seems that when it comes to the idea of a society where we all benefit from the access of newly discovered medicine and technology, it is only a luxury for the few. So is it possible that when we look up into the night sky and gaze upon billions of lights flickering, we are in fact alone? Taking into consideration that just because they cant come and visit us, many rule out that ETs exist period, which is a very heinous way of observing the natural universe, keeping in mind that publicly we have not manufactured the ability to sustain travel and life outside of our planet. Our idea of being the perfect model of God has disabled us from truly accepting and propelling ourselves to reach our potential. With many social issues still a focal point in this age, we have come to a halt in science and the progression of our knowledge of self and the universe around us. Many find comfort in the idea that we are alone because it enables them to justify their deeds while on this planet, for good or bad. While others see the entire planet as one and find the idea of life outside this planet truly magnificent and awe-inspiring. In researching many articles and artifacts, it is hard to believe that many indigenous cultures from all sectors of the world, who had no established learning institutions or facilities could understand so thoroughly their alignment and connection with the flickering lights and orbs around them. Many discoveries in Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, and many other countries suggest through the writings in stone or hieroglyphics that we in fact were living amongst beings that were not originally from this planet. Hypothetically, if this is true, we can expel the idea of them being foes, and by them I mean whichever group of ETs have come and visited. In my opinion, just like humans, there could exist beings that see us as a threat or see us as competition; we may have to exercise these ideas to shrug off fear. But in retrospect, with all our advancements, if they truly wanted to expunge our existence from the universe for their benefit, why not do it already before we completely destroy our planet? So with that said, I don't believe that their agenda is to conquer and destroy, but possibly to prosper and employ. Perhaps they are waiting for us to become one planet underneath the powerful rays of the sun, take our best ideals and practice them, not excluding one person or child on this earth. And then, only then, will they reveal themselves to us as part of a universal family that coexists in mutual benefit. Many movies tend to exploit our doubts on the subject; keep your thoughts and prayers with the most high, love your fellow man, extend your hand when you can. The time for our final evolution is near and we cannot achieve it alone but together we can achieve something beyond ourselves!

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Friend or Foe
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