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Futuristic Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

The future is now — and you'll believe it once you see some of the hyper-futuristics gifts you can buy for friends, family, or yourself...

Growing up, most of us have had a major love for science fiction. There's something always so cool about the idea of checking out what the future will be like. We love the idea of being real-life heroes or villains in the sci-fi world, right? 

Well, this is reality and most of us will not be super villains or superheroes.  That doesn't mean that we can't reap the rewards of living in an age where futuristic things are readily available on the market. 

Right now, there are some really amazingly futuristic gifts you can buy right now — and if you wear them right, you'll look just like you popped out of Blade Runner or any other cult sci-fi flick you love. 

Genetic Testing by 23andMe

Ever wonder what your ancestors look like, or what kind of heritage you really have? Then you might like 23andMe's genetic ancestry testing. It's one of the most futuristic gifts you can buy for a curious friend, and unlike others on this list, it's not just kitsch — it's legit gene testing!

This awesome kit allows you to find out where your ancestors came from, and what your heritage really is. Overall, it's one of the coolest ways to bring movie-level super-science into your real, true life.

Soylent by Soylent

Not to be confused with soylent green or the movie by the same name, Soylent is one of the most futuristic gifts you can buy. This drink is specially designed to be a nutritionally sound food replacement. 

Every "meal" costs around $3 a pop, delivers all the nutrients you need, and is optimized to help you lose weight, avoid digestion problems, and keep yourself healthy. They come in a variety of different flavors, and free you from the need for food. 

Soylent is not a crash or fad diet; it's a long-term solution to a very long-term problem. Oh, and it's not made of people, either. So, it's one of the better gift ideas for people who aren't cannibals. 

Hyperadapt 1.0 by Nike

Perhaps one of the coolest futuristic gifts you can buy right now comes from Nike, and gives you a classic Back to the Future boost of cool. The Hyperadapt 1.0 sneakers are some of the world's first self-lacing sneakers. 

So, if you want to get in touch with your inner Marty McFly, Nike can help out with that. It's ironic since Back to the Future's future actually takes place in 2015 and Nike made a special Back to the Future pair earlier on.

Self-lacing shoes aren't the only thing Back to the Future predicted correctly, so that just makes this gift all the more awesome.

Moov Now Tracker by Moov

One of the other futuristic gifts you can actually buy for a sporty friend is the Moov Now activity tracker. What makes this different from Fitbit and other similar trackers is the fact that it doubles as an audio coach that walks you through exercises — and that the training is customized to suit your needs. 

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse by DTOI

The future is all about getting extra functionality from every day objects, right? Of course! That's why one of the most futuristic gifts you can buy for your favorite coworker is Zcan, the wireless scanner mouse. 

All you have to do to scan important documents and photos and instantly transfer them to your computer is swipe over them with your mouse. This unique mouse also delivers the first "scan to speech" functionality we've ever seen, too. 

Glowing Bluetooth LED Headphones from iHome

iHome Color Changing Bluetooth Headphones - Toys"R"Us
Treat yourself to rich, detailed audio in cushioned comfort with cool color changing effects. Color modes include: color spectrum, favorite color, strobe to the beat, ...

If we've all learned anything from cyberpunk anime shows and classic cyberpunk novels, it's that glowing headphones without wires are futuristic. These awesome color changing Bluetooth headphones from iHome are one of the most futuristic gifts you can buy under $75. 

Good sound quality, easy recharge sessions, and comfortable padding are what make these headphones worth every penny. You'll look like the sexiest person from the year 3000 — we promise. 

Alpha 1S Bluetooth Humanoid Robot by E-Z Robot

Robots are, and probably always will be, futuristic. That's part of their appeal. This Bluetooth-controlled humanoid robot does kung-fu kicks, looks cool as sin, and is actually meant to be built by yourself. 

E-Z Robot made the Alpha 1S to help kids and adults get interested in STEM, and that makes it one of the most fun educational toys out there. The Alpha 1S is fully flexible, which means your bot can put on a dance-off for you — if you program him to!

The Smart Rearview Mirror by Junsun

Ever see crazily-modded cars in sci-fi films? Well, you don't have to be in Mad Max or Tron to end up with a car that feels like it's driven straight out of the future. This specialized dash cam smart rearview mirror is made to let you see in your blind spots... and also give you a killer dash cam. 

Junsun's dash cam also has added perks, including internet surfing and GPS. So, if you're looking for one of the more practical but futuristic gifts you can buy for the roadtripper in your life, this is it. 

Spectacles by Snapchat

Say what you will, but smartglasses are definitely some of the most futuristic gifts you can buy. Spectacles are a little bit less dystopian than Google Glass, because, well, less "Big Brother" elements will be going on here. All these glasses do is post stuff to Snapchat — and that somehow makes them a bit less scary. 

Fiber Optic Hoodie by HolyThreads

Admittedly, light up clothing is nothing new. However, we'd also be lying if we didn't say that this looks like something straight out of Tron or Akira. It's so mesmerizingly well-done, and it features no LEDs in it. Rather, it's all done via fiber optic wiring. 

If you're looking for one of the most futuristic gifts you can buy for your favorite EDM-loving raver, this is it. Sure, it's worth a pretty penny, but it looks so cool that you just can't look away. 

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Futuristic Gifts You Can Buy Right Now
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