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Get A Great Big Facehug From 'Alien: Covenant' And Facebook's Newest Feature

Facebook is the latest big company to get in on the scifi hype, rolling out an exclusive Alien: Covenant Facebook Snapchat filter that will give you a great big facehug.

'Alien' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

If you are a horror fiend, then you will no doubt have acid blood coursing through your veins in anticipation of #RidleyScott's #AlienCovenant. The second in Scott's planned Alien prequel trilogy, the film reunites #MichaelFassbender with the venomous Xenomorphs, and tools us a new crew for doom in deepest space.

With fandom surrounding the film at fever-pitch, #Facebook is the latest big company to get in on the #scifi hype, rolling out an exclusive Alien: Covenant Facebook Camera Mask, a.k.a. Snapchat filter, that will give you a great big facehug. If you are no longer content with wearing a glittery crown or having a subtle fade, why not let #Fox attach a two-mouthed monster to your selfies?

Facebook your fears.

'Alien vs. Predator' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Appearing in Facebook's latest update, if you now swipe right on the app's main page it will automatically open up the camera feature. While a certain social media app that sounds similar to "Flaphat" will undoubtedly be pretty peeved, the new feature allows you to add filters to your photos. Sadly, there are no licking dogs or the option to make yourself look like grandma, but the Alien: Covenant filter is a horror hound's wet dream. Who wouldn't want to act out their own role as an employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation or pretend you are John Hurt?

Now you can literally add Xenomorphs to your pictures, seriously, check it out!

The site has released an official statement, promoting the film ahead of its May 19 release:

20th Century Fox has partnered with Facebook to premiere an exclusive ALIEN: COVENANT Facebook Camera Mask as part of their newly launched Facebook Camera product! The Facebook Camera, which Facebook announced this morning, provides a new way for people to share creative photos and videos. Now more than ever, fans can experience immersive video and express themselves authentically on Facebook.
Check out an example of the ALIEN: COVENANT Facebook Mask below. To try out the new Alien: Covenant mask on Facebook, swipe right to access the camera from your Facebook app on iOS or Android.

[Credit: Facebook]

Great to scare your mum, scare the kids, or scare the cat. For those who don't feel like actually getting as close to an alien queen as #SigourneyWeaver's Ripley did, this is the perfect way to stay safe and procrastinate. However, if acid-bleeding behemoths aren't your thing, Facebook also has "selfie filters" for Despicable Me 3, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and even The Smurfs.

The social media site recently partnered with Sony for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter to bring the sadistic Red Queen to life, and just like that, this feature will presumably have the shelf-life of about 30 seconds. At least Facebook is hyping Covenant as much as I am, and all it needs now is a filter that pops a tiny second mouth from inside your own.

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Get A Great Big Facehug From 'Alien: Covenant' And Facebook's Newest Feature
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