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Global Warming: We Have Only Been Dangerous to Ourselves

The Pacific Garbage Patch, Radiation, and Nature's Remedies for Us to Clean Earth

Sunflower shaped solar panels in a field of their design inspiration

Our human activity is why the things we figured would take a million or so years to begin, are happening right now. It is cause and effect. Yes, I am talking about global warming. Human beings have kind of hurried along the natural process of global warming. We consume everything on our planet. Being at the top of the food chain has its drawbacks. We have littered every mountain and body of water we get into. We have ripped up the land to farm and mine, for nutrition and wealth. We leave tons upon tons of our human waste everywhere. Just think of angry monkeys locked in a cage. We even make some of our hills with poop!

Other forms of life can thrive in extreme temperatures. But we can’t. Our advances in technology have only served to create more bio-waste, some of which our planet will never be able to recycle. Unless our volcanoes burn it up. Which creates even more waste to further blanket our atmosphere. Eventually, it will destroy our breathable oxygen. Such little oxygen will mean global warming has occurred. The thing with volcanoes is even though they poison fresh water and air (which we need to live) and make it too hot for most animals on the planet, many sea animals such as sharks, jellyfish, and tubeworms thrive at those locations. Just check out this video where they have been discovered to swarm near underwater magma spouts! 

Even under the thick ice caps, where we thought it was too cold for life, it has been found. It is not frozen! It is alive and well, even in the dark. Scientists have drilled down under Antarctica's ice shelf to see what they could see. And they saw a lot more than expected!

We have been warning ourselves for years that we need to take better care of our planet. We are trying. Only just recently, a new enzyme was discovered that eats plastic! It was actually engineered from PET plastic, which we humans don't even make anymore. So it's going to eat itself! That’s great for the island of plastic garbage that is floating in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch was measured to be 600,000 square miles! That’s the size of two states of Texas next to each other! And roughly three times the size of France! There is also a Pacific Garbage Patch on the southeast coast of Japan. Way to go humans! Even our mistakes can create conditions for solutions!

We have also discovered a nice little fact that sunflowers consume radiation! So, at places like Chernobyl, where even the trees grow glowing a neon green in the dark (I'm joking. They are actually crooked! NOT green...at all.), we can clean up! Radiation wouldn’t even exist in such dangerous amounts, except because of us foolish humans being paranoid, and ya know, needing to invent bombs to destroy other humans. With chemicals that last generations, no less. We’re all crazy like that! Our accidents leaked into the environment and we rendered many places incompatible for humans. These were beautiful places that were once flush with all kinds of life! Now they are damaged for millions of years. Not to mention how we try to use radiation for everyday things. We have permanently damaged ourselves with genetic mutations in DNA that will last for generations.

The problems with these clean-up discoveries? The after-effect of their uses. Human beings don’t tend to think beyond what they WANT. The problem is everything has a consequence. The consequences of human bio-waste does not support human life on our planet:

  1. What do we do with an enzyme whose tummy grows full of eating all the plastics in our oceans?
  2. What can we do with radioactive sunflower seeds that won’t be safe for our trail mix?

Unless human beings were to evolve overnight, due to our changing environment, we’re kinda screwed! I don’t know about anyone else, but a nutritious diet regimen with radioactive sunflower seeds doesn’t sound too healthy to me! Unless we can use them to fight cancer? There are procedures that involve radioactive pellets implanted in men to shrink prostate cancer. Perhaps instead of synthetic pellets, these sunflower seeds can be used? MY idea first! You're welcome!

Consider the shelf-life of radiation: Aside from impossibly forcing humans to evolve suddenly, is it possible that we began the process of wiping out our own species? By accident? Or have we been influenced? Yeah, human-hating aliens...again! My point is that even in the Mariana Trench, where we didn’t expect to find life, it has been found. And in delicate, yet strong, lifeforms that have vibrant colors. It just is not...human. The gravitational pressure of all the water that is held in place by the magnetic atmosphere of our planet, will crush, and kill a human being. The fact that other life can live there, with little oxygen and no natural sunlight, begs another big question: Are we alone, as the only intelligent life, on our planet?

We are not the only country that has people studying unidentified flying objects. Some of these have reported to come FROM underwater. We are not the only country with people engineering plastic enzymes to eat itself, and finding that nature has her own ways to clean up our messes. I think it’s safe to say that we are NOT alone on our planet! Besides the ever elusive Aliens, Angels, or Watchers, we obviously have each other! As human beings, we are so much more delicate than we think! Kinda not as smart as we think we are (Reminder: radioactive bombs, people!). If aliens really wanted to kill us or enslave us? They would have already! We did this to ourselves and we’re just a naturally paranoid life form. But not without reason. The natural fight or flight response is built into almost every species. It usually presents itself when there’s a predator. 

Unfortunately, just like other species on our planet, sharks, lions, and even insects, we hunt each other.

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Global Warming: We Have Only Been Dangerous to Ourselves
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