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Grey Areas

Where we generate symbiosis between the artificial and natural.

Open thy eyes. It is said that we only see 5% directly and that we reconstruct the whole image of reality in our conscious and fill it in according to our beliefs.

Anyway, this is not an article on reality, that would be outside the scope of The Hypernatural. What is the scope? About the generative principle. The generative is about knowing what to care about and taking action based on the alignment of heart, mind, and guts in the mentioned order.

The subconscious is the natural, it is that which will be regardless of what you want, such as breathing, the beating of your heart and when two people attract like magnets. It is only that we use our conscious in the wrong way that we sabotage this process, such as being anatural and sitting with crossed legs as a man, which is bad for the testicles or the notion that it is impolite to disturb women, whilst you two are attracted to each other.

In order to stay on topic, we ask the question, what has the generative principle to do with hypernaturality? For start, the generative principle assumes the assimilation of understanding on natural law and in addition, to use will to generate conscious action.

Then, the conscious comes into play. Once the subconscious is already in line with the natural, we can generate acceleration in learning, doing and being through the masculine principle of willpower. In this regard, it can be seen like going on auto-pilot followed by precise infusions of acceleration. In this fashion, the self-experimentation with hypernaturality will have no negative consequences.

Yoga is a prime example of the symbiosis of the natural and artificial. There is the meditative and physical way of yoga, both of which are interrelated and strengthen each other. Yoga improves the natural systems, that already are and through willpower induce artificial enhancements, such as higher oxygen intake by deeper and accelerated breathing or strengthening of the mind-body connection through practice of postures, also known as asanas in Vedic terms.

Indeed, the interplay between the natural and the artificial is a significant grey area. Intriguingly, they are also both part of each other, meaning the natural enables the artificial and the artificial becomes natural over time. In the bigger picture, all is finally one, however in this 4D world, in which time is the common denominator, relativity is in a certain sense absolute.

Funny enough, the grey matter in our brains are maintained through the sustenance of developing and learning in reality, which is that change is the constant. This can be very different for different people and in different areas of life. Grey areas in life help to maintain the grey matter in our lives, which keeps us young. Simply said, stay curious!!