Haunted Town

Life with the paranormal.

Me and my best friend were always fascinated by ghosts, curses, demons. Anything paranormal. Little did we know this fascination would follow us throughout our lives.

Our small town, in western Pennsylvania, would fuel this fascination in many ways. These are the stories of our experiences, spanning from when we were little till the time I moved away. Often, I would recall those times and wonder why we didn't share the experiences with everyone. Well, to be honest, we were worried that people would think we were lying or crazy.

As time progressed and we grew older, I realized perhaps it's time to share our experiences. Or as we often referred to them, our adventures.

The Seance

When we were young we all enjoyed scaring each other, especially during sleepovers. Seances were always fun ways to mess with people. Until one night, when we learned that we shouldn't play with things that go bump in the night.

There were only 5 of us. That night we were sleeping over at Kelly's house. She lived in this old brick house that was slightly run down and set back in woods. It was me, Melanie, Tracy, Cindy, and Holly. We all went to the same school so we were fairly close. Tracy thought it would be cool for us to have a seance to see if anything would happen. For some reason me and Mel got the chills and the hair on the back of our necks stoodd up. We didn't know why either. 

Me and Melanie were close enough that we didn't need to say anything to one another. So we just looked at one another. That night around midnight, we gathered into a circle with candles. A storm was approaching, you could hear the thunder in the distance. With each rumble, it was getting closer, which unnerved us all. But we brushed it off. 'This is cool, just like in a horror movie!" It did feel that way. Being a horror fan, the statement that Kelly made put a smile on my face.

After contemplating this, I was brought back to reality when Cindy grabbed my hand. We were getting ready for our seance. Not being professionals in this, we really didn't know what to do exactly. We all began to giggle as 8-year-old girls do. "So does, anyone know what we are supposed to say here"? asked Holly. Who was always the bubbly type, asked the group. And Kelly said "I think we are supposed to hang on tight and ask if we can speak to someone". We all said, "sounds right to me"! So Tracy offered to be the summoner. Little did we know she would be so good at it. At the stroke of 12 a very loud bang happened outside, as if on cue. It shook the house. All of us jumped but we held on tight. "Remember, no matter what don't break the circle". Tracy began chanting... "We gather in this circle, to try and speak to any spirit. Are there any spirits here? If there are please give us a sign"!

She repeated this chant several times, none of us kept count. But the candle that we had in the center went out. No wind was inside. All the windows were shut, and the doors. But the candle went out, and as we gazed at this bizarre sight, it relit by itself, which shocked us and unnerved us all at the same time. 

Cindy got so freaked out that she jumped up and broke the circle. Melanie shouted 'NO!' But it was too late. Thinking nothing of it, we blew out the other candles. No one wanted to go near the center candle. But Holly was the brave one, with a shaky hand she picked up the candle and blew it out. Just as the flame went out, the room turned ice cold and we heard a low growl sound from behind us. None of us at first took it seriously. We all wanted to try and think of a logical explanation. This seemed to anger whatever made the sound.

We all looked over our shoulders but fear was welling up inside us all. Nothing was there. This should've relieved us but what happened next wiped that out. As we turned around to face one another Kelly's eyes were wide and her face was deathly pale. None of us could scream, which we all wanted to do. But what we saw we couldn't comprehend. Suspended in mid air was a pair of glowing hands. They were long, pale, the nails were like claws. And they were floating towards Kelly. She began to choke. We all stood and froze in complete horror, not knowing what to do. Just when we willed our feet to move to help her the overhead light came on and Kelly's mom was in the doorway..."what the hell is going on"? We finally heard Tracy screaming. As we looked up at Kelly, her neck had finger print bruises and scratches on it.

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