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Have Aliens Finally Visited Earth? Or Is It a Complete Buff?

What was floating over Mexico?

If you've not yet surfed the internet for your daily news then you wouldn't know about a potential humanoid UFO floating over Mexico.

This happened last week when a potential humanoid UFO was spotted over the city of Mexicali. A self-described UFO expert named Pedro Ramirez called this the "First Major Sighting Of 2018."

He claimed that the aliens were aware that "we had a number of space launches recently and we are setting up war material."

"The aliens might be concerned about mankind's activity and 'increased' monitoring of the planet."

Firstly, I believe that Aliens have a probability of existence in our vast universe. It is foolish to think otherwise. Venus was thought to have the same "geography" such as water, atmosphere, etc.

Now, they are a ball of fire with extreme temperature, a scary image of what Earth's future could be like. There are also science fiction novels such as The Martian, which describes an astronaut stranded on Mars and recounts his way of life.

But science fiction is fiction with a little bit of science. The character survives from growing plants on his base using his own feces.

Astrobiologist claims that extraterrestrials could be as little as ants, not green little men with avocado-shaped eyes—maybe, but indefinitely.

But the humanoid UFO in Mexico is a complete buff. Firstly, the self-described ufologist Pedro Ramirez is using nothing but conjecture based on no real sources or information.

He is a fame-seeking human who saw this as an opportunity and made up his story and told that to the press. When you search up his name on the internet, the articles about him are all about the UFO found on January 12.

When such circumstance arose, he took this as a chance to get some free unnecessary publicity and had multiple articles written with his statement and his name on it.

Look at the statement he made: 'The Aliens are increasing monitoring of the Earth because of our recent space launches and setting up war material" and "We are going to have more sightings this year."

Anyone could've given themselves a fancy job title and given multiple interviews to journalists from the knowledge we all know about. Nuclear weapons have been developing in multiple countries at secret sites ever since the 1960s.

I would've taken a theory that the humanoid UFO was actually Superman over anything claimed from this guy. Harsh? Yes, but I'm just staying truthful to my opinion.

As much as I want to believe that Aliens have visited Earth before, this is just an incredibly vague and loosely based piece of information that can't be used to prove anything about Alien existence.

There aren't even any other pieces of work where Pedro Ramirez has been mentioned; he could possibly be a troll who knew whatever he was saying was a joke to him.

Next time, if there are any UFO sightings, it's better to get someone with high credibility and has received some sort of media exposure before and has participated in documentaries or has written papers on ufology.

For example, there is Steven Macon Greer, who is a retired physician and a ufologist who has co-produced Sirius, a documentary that detailed his work on extraterrestrial.

Steven Macon Greer is also the founder of the "Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI)." 

Pedro has no known activity the same way that Steven does. He wasn't known before this article was written.

Despite that, he is a "self-described" UFO specialist who might have underground research in the UFO community, but this is just a possibility.

In conclusion, I believe that the sighting in Mexico is a complete buff and is not true because of the lack of credibility from the source described in the various articles written about it.

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Have Aliens Finally Visited Earth? Or Is It a Complete Buff?
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