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Hello to My Past Life

"My name is Pasado."

This is part three to the previous poems/short stories: "Hard to Say Goodbye" and "Welcome to the Maze of Emotions"

Birds fly above me as they plant a kiss on my cheek with their feathery wings, I wake up to notice my infant self giggling as the birds continue to sing. "It's already morning," I thought... but she is still not here. I begrudgingly rise up from the pile of flowers, my lips begin to crack a tiny smile as I see my tiny hands waving around with a huge grin upon my tiny face.

With my infant self nuzzled in my arms, I continue to walk through the falsely colorful maze. My eyes continue to gaze upon myself, "So young... and so full of life," I thought. "It seems as if my angel knew that I was destined for something far more greater in life... if only I knew." My tiny brown eyes stared back at me with my tiny finger pointing straight ahead while cooing very softly.

To my surprise... I was back in my old home. Its exterior remained pure white as snow, the stone steps remained sturdy, and the trees that my mom once planted now stood tall with its branches reaching out into the sky with pride. "Why am I here?" I questioned.

"Because I want to remind you of the great things that happened in your life." A young boy appears from behind the trees, I noticed his eyes were different from one another... one was blue which reminded me of the sea; the other was golden red which reminded me of flames. "I'm sorry to frighten you, my name is Pasado."

"Your name is Past?" I questioned, thinking it's an odd name to call yourself in Spanish.

"I know, it's strange, almost everything in the maze tends to go insane."

"What great things should I be reminded of?" I asked.

Pasado ushers me towards the pond near my old house. As we arrived, figures suddenly appeared right before my very eyes. "My blue eye projects a vision of good memories, while my red eye shows the bad memories." It was almost as if I was seeing a humongous screen before me, even my tiny infant self was so immersed by this trickery. Memories were being played over the pond; I see my angel laughing and giggling fondly as she spends time with our mother and father, then I saw memories of us. We were both grown, but our connection never deteriorated, especially since we always gossip and fooled around.

I turned to Pasado, who continued looking into the distance, realizing he wasn't making a sound, both his eyes became blue. But without any sudden movements, both of his eyes turned red in an heart beat. Appearing before them, vivid memories of broken hearts, manipulation, and suddenly my angel's farewell... I couldn't bear reliving them again. I placed my hand upon Pasado's shoulder, he finally regained consciousness...

I don't want to go through with it anymore. My heart continues to ache and be sore. 

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to frighten you."

"I'm leaving! All you do is throw painful daggers at me, I don't want to be reminded by them. I want to remember the good times."

"I'm afraid this is your past, no matter if your day becomes grand, the bad memories will come around to greet you with a reply, 'It is lovely to see you at last.'"

Without saying a word, I continue to carry my infant self in my arms with tears rolling down my cheek. My infant self looks upon me with confusion, but I softly replied while wiping away my tears, "We'll be okay. Pasado will never bother us, never fear."

Why did I have to lie? Especially to myself? I feel so distraught... I pray there would be a way out. As I continue walking, Pasado continued sitting near the pond as he watched me from afar, the entrance to my past is finally shut but with no lock. My past has no boundary, the good and bad have become my story, but it seems as if the bad memories dance around as it continues to haunt me.

As my feet continue its steps forward, the maze still remains the same, suddenly another child appeared... a little girl rises up from her pile of flowery petals, her eyes resembled remarkably as Pasado's eyes.

"Hello, my name is Present, don't be shy." 

K. Alexandra
K. Alexandra

I am a 26 year old writer who enjoys creating stories and is always daydreaming in my big brain. So madams and monsieurs, welcome to my world of imagination, take my hand, sit back and relax, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the ride :) 

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