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Home? (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14

'I'm your father, darling, your real father.'

Thousand eyes are staring at me. I don't know what to do. Should I step forward and call them, make them notice me? They have already seen me enter and I'm scared I won't be able to turn back. I don't say anything for a while, everything seems surrounded by a cloud of silence that is impossible to break, and it makes me uncomfortable. The eyes don't blink, they simply watch me quietly, undecided. Am I an enemy, an intruder? Or am I a trustworthy individual? So as to not cause any undesired response, I remain as still and quiet as possible and my breathing seems to be the only thing betraying the silence. However, standing there for several minutes without moving proves to be a harder task than I had anticipated. I finally decide to go ahead and call them out. Why are you here and should I be here?

"Who are you?" I step forward and hear growling. 

Are these creatures even human? Hiding in the shadows, I suspect they are nothing remotely close to my own species and that worries me. 

"What are you doing here?"

Still, no real answer. Just a choir of heavy breathing and more grunting. I begin to get impatient. I'm tired of running, trying to find answers to questions I cannot answer myself, only to find that I'm trapped once more, without any explanation as to what is going on.

"What is going on, dammit? Answer me!" I raised my voice. 

I made a mistake. I raised my voice and I made a mistake. Why am I like this? I notice that the room becomes much more filled with loud gasping and strange inhuman noises. I'm terrified. Soon enough I see the eyes are moving in closer, along with some silhouette that looks human yet is probably some terrifying mutation. I know the government. If anything, they would not be hiding their subjects inside a dark room. I know for a fact that whatever is been hidden in here is dangerous and hostile. And I just happened to disrupt their anonymity. My eyes are adjusting better to the dark and suddenly I look down, aware that the creatures are walking toward me. I spot what looks like a foot, yet it is bare, no shoes, with claws instead of nails. These are holding onto the ground, grinding against it with each step, making a terrible sound I wish never to hear again. I see heads, but they are bald, with a few hairs. Their faces are too close to where I am now and I begin to worry. My heart is pounding so intensely it seems as though is going to come out of my chest. I'm helpless but I'm also ready to leave. Leave the miserable life I've been living for so long, alone, with no one to support me. I'm ready to say goodbye to an oppressive government and rid myself from their grasp. I'm ready to give in to death. And as I prepare myself to be gone, I hear a loud thump. It comes from somewhere at the back of the room, yet the gloom surrounding the area is too heavy to allow me to see past the faces that surround me.

"Stop!" Hearing a human voice for the first time in a while relaxes me but I'm also quite worried that what might come is worst than what I was expecting. 

All of the hostility, however, seems to go and the creatures that once tried to kill me are now allowing me to go through a narrow space, leading me to the unknown voice that has stopped my death from becoming a reality.

I approach with caution and see a massive chained figure whose head is bowing down, either in pain or desperation. I walk slowly until my feet are underneath his chin. He remains quiet until I decide to touch his arm, hinting that I'm not scared, but rather as grateful as I can be.

"It's ok. Who are you?"

At first, there is no movement, and I begin to think he may have gone unconscious but soon enough I discover that he's alive and as well as he can be. His arm is incredibly muscular and big. Veins popping from all places. I can tell his forehead is filled with them as well, making him seem more threatening than he actually is.

He slowly lifts his head up and my mouth drops in surprise. His veins are much more prominent now that I can envision his face. He lets out an incredibly loud cry to then smile.

"I'm your father, darling, your real father."

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Home? (Chapter 14)
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