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How Can We Protect the Environment?

Our home, Earth was destroyed; legit ways to fix this.

Our enviroment was (partly) destroyed, we all know that. The media keep telling us that climate change is a manipulation. The question isn't if climate change or plastic pollution are real; it is "what are we gonna do about it?" If someone still doesn't believe me, then google "plastic pollution."

Multiple movements, lifestyles have developed in order to prevent our home to be destroyed—vegetarianism, veganism, zero-waste, plastic-free, you name it. 

The crucial part is to implement habits into your life which will make you more eco-friendly. :)

The Right Mindset

To start making a change, you have to think about Earth as our home. If there wasn't Earth, there wouldn't be humans. Without humans, you wouldn't live all your happy moments. When someone says "home," we think about a building, but is this building your only home? Or is it every place where you feel safe, comfortable? 

Don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution.


This material has made so much destruction on Earth, it's crazy. Many things in your kitchen or bathroom are made out of plastic or are packaged in it. Sooner or later, it can land in our drinking water or animals' guts

  1. The most obvious plastic-free swap is to buy yourself a reusable water bottle. You can buy yours on Amazon. Do you know why water in single use bottles has an expiration date? It's because of plastic which start "leaching chemicals" into the water. How yummy! Bring the reusable water bottle along to your local coffee shop or on a plane. It isn't reusable if you don't reuse it.
  2. Buy food which wasn't packaged in plastic. A potato without packaging is as good as the one with packaging.
  3. Reusable bee's wax wraps instead of those made out of aluminum. Bee's wax works disinfecting, so the food you wrapped in it will stay fresh for longer.
  4. Try using shampoo and soap not packaged in plastic. Here's a link where you can find those.
  5. Straws. OMG, why do companies sell this sh*t which causes cancer!!! Cancer, that's right. Some dyes to be exact. Additionally, there was a viral video showing a turtle with a straw in his nostrils. It isn't pleasing to watch, so I won't link it but you can search it on YT.


The best way to reduce your paper waste is to buy an ebook. The ancestors of present ebook reader were trendy in 2015, but now they are a lot better. Here's the one I am about to buy. This one is glare free.

This ebook reader doesn't reflect light.

It's a lot less tiring for your eyes than your phone or laptop.

Isn't recycling enough?

Straight to the point: it isn't. First of all, it costs a lot of energy and time. My mom (helps investors) visited a company which recycles plastic. She was shown how much chemicals and warmth you need to get labels removed from the main packaging and in some cases they were just thrown away. 

And it's just Germany, where almost everything is recycled, but in many countries (incl. USA) plastic is just thrown away.  

Recycling is like fixing a mistake; which shouldn't even be made.

Ecosia—The Green Search Engine

Ecosia is a brand which turns money from your searches into planted trees. The idea is simple. If an ad shows up, the money from it will partly be invested into the environment.

Ecosia plants trees in regions such as Burkina Faso or Madagascar.

If you want to see a video proofing Ecosia's validity, then click here.

It's amazing that you can start making the difference without drastic changes in your lifestyle.

Impact other people.

The media which bombards us with the statement, "no one can help Earth, get over it" is 20 percent true. That's because no one himself, alone can change it but if we unite—that's when the magic happens.

The crucial part is to not be this pain in the a*s which says "You are doing this wrong. Turtles will die because of this plastic bag." NO. No one is good enough to decide if someone is wrong.

In fact, Lavendaire, a Youtuber told it in a very good way:

"Living environmentally conscious is a journey, don't judge someone at the beginning, help him."

Le Fin (The End)

I hope this article inspired you and if yes, then go, make a difference! 

If you want to inform yourself more, check these Youtubers out: Sorelle Amore, Trash is for Tosters, and Lavendaire.

Have a nice day! Thanks for reading, I believe in you!

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How Can We Protect the Environment?
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