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How I Became Atheist

My Story on How I Became Godless

One Of Many Atheism Symbols

I grew up in a somewhat religious house. My dad wasn't religious, nor was his entire side of the family, but my mom's side taught me religion as if it were fact. My grandmother was (and still is) a minister, and my entire childhood was filled with her telling me stories from the bible, and her taking me to church. I never really felt anything when it came to religion, but because I had grown up in an environment where religion was fact, I didn't question anything.  

I remember the exact conversation that would throw me into a world of questioning and research. I was talking to my best friend, who went to church with me when I was really little, but then his family took him to a more traditional church. For years, the two of us didn't discuss religion, and frankly, I don't remember how it came up this time. But it did. It came out that he was one hundred percent full blown atheist.  

The first feeling I had was terror. I had been taught that people who didn't believe in God went to hell. I asked him why, and he calmly explained to me dozens of reasons.  Some emotional and personal, many scientific. I tried to push back on the things he said and at the same time, I was scared because everything he was saying made sense to me. It was actually quite depressing. The conversation ended with me feeling hopeless, because I knew deep down inside that I couldn't believe anymore. Granted, I didn't switch to atheist overnight. Over the next year, I researched for countless hours. I always came to the conclusion that it was literally all crap. The real bullet in my believing was when I watched a video lecture by my now-hero, Stephen Hawking. He explained with his fancy words and science how God can't be real because of universe shit. I won't explain it with justice, but I highly encourage atheist or not for you to look up his lecture on why he believed there was no God.  

When I was researching, I became more comfortable with the idea of there being no God. I understand the scientific evidence supporting my views, but it's always the emotional and personal arguments that make the absolute most sense to me. For example, why would God create people who are in the lgbtq+ community and then send them to hell? What's the point of life if there's an after life? Why can't God prove it to me? I am naturally a very thinking and questioning person at this point in my life... Why did God create me to be like this and why is he going to send me to hell for the way he created me? How can we have freewill if there is a plan. Why is everyone certain their religion is the "correct" one when there are 3,000 in the world?

The purpose of this short article isn't to convert you into a non-believer.  I didn't really question things until I was about 12. I know not many kids critically think, and that I should not of expected that of myself, but I'm very lucky I had people in my life, friends and heroes, to help push me in the direction of becoming an independent thinker. I could just as easily be right where I was years ago. Not thinking for myself. I couldn't care less what other people's religion is or isn't.

All I want is for people to think for themselves.  Don't ever be afraid to question.

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How I Became Atheist
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