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How My Clairvoyance Makes Me Crazy

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Clairvoyance falls under the clear seeing category of psychic ability. You can get visions, or symbols in your head with this ability. Clairvoyance may be making things up in your addled mind but actually it means that you are processing the visions your mind is getting. Sometimes a vision is your life story. I had visions of helping the homeless get meds. Then a friend of mine remarked that this is me being a prescriber. I was then led to the idea that I want to become a psychiatrist, which is a relatively new idea for me at this point in my life.

If you have visualization talents that mean you can see people easily or places for that matter; this is a direct manifestation of clairvoyance. In high school, I would try to see the inside of my locker, and the lockers of my friends. I could see the books I had left behind, for example, if I forgot one particular book. This also happens when I lose my stuff somewhere. I will have a vision of where I may find my things. Then I find it or it is long gone, and I once got a purse stolen out of my car by vision as I saw it at the police station.

Of course, nobody believed me. Symbols are different. I really get movie-like images, not symbols. I have yet to study pectoral languages, and I’m able to recognize many symbols but the thing is, sometimes symbols mean something, kind of like a metaphor in English class you are trying your best to decipher. English literature is a great subject to understand how metaphorical symbols work. Books are full of symbols that have meaning to the author or to the reader. Sometimes, when you write a paper, you disagree with what the teacher’s idea is. Your thesis has to back up your opinion or your grade suffers.

You see, the human brain is like a computer, only made up of chemicals and organic made of flesh, not necessarily a machine with parts unless we are talking about cyborg species who merge organic and machine components much to their advantage. Sometimes being clairvoyant is about seeing dead people, too. In junior college, my grandmother died. Before we got the phone call, I saw her face big and imposing in my bedroom, rushing to me at the bed. I was wondering what was going on when we got the phone call.

Grandma had died at her home and I forget from what but I did see a vision of her. Clairvoyant people can also go into trance. I want to be an Edgar Cayce sort of clairvoyant who goes into trance but I can’t have demands made on me to do this on a regular basis as I have schizophrenia and it would be detrimental to my mental health to overdo clairvoyant readings. My intense sensitivity to other people’s emotions as an empathy and clairvoyant leaves me very stressed out in crowds. I freak out in them, in fact, I’m not cool with crowds sometimes. They scare me to death. I get very stressed to the point of needing to take my meds early.

Although these days that is definitely more controlled for me as my brain chemistry is fixed.

Clairvoyant impressions are not like other facts you can submit as evidence. You get clairvoyance through your third eye, also known as the pineal gland. Getting visions is not about trying a lot, it just comes to you and I mean for me, this is what happens. I get visions in the most random and weird of places. I get dreams too, but this is another subject altogether. Insight pops into my head all the time, no matter what ability I’m using because I’m gifted. I need my medication to create a buffer, since I’m scared to death of myself and my abilities, and I need proper training that puts to use my abilities but also with an awareness of the fact that I’m on the schizophrenia spectrum. 

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How My Clairvoyance Makes Me Crazy
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