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How Psychic Ability Can Be Used in Archaeology

Don't throw out the real science.

Debunkers would call psychic archaeology a fraud, but as I have an interest in the field of archaeology in general, I want to explore how my abilities can help me as an archaeologist. Archaeology is a field of many subheadings such as historical archaeology, or as known as the archaeology of the modern period. I’m interested in the actual science of real archaeology, not just pseudoscience as I want to be a real scientist, in addition to law school and my M.D. UCLA has an archaeology department besides the law department I want to enroll in when I go back to school and get my grades up.

Archaeology consists of records, architecture, biofacts, and cultural landscapes. North American archaeology considers archaeology a subfield of anthropology. I already have an A.A. degree in anthropology with honors. Archaeology helps us learn about prehistoric societies as well as more modern ones when discussing contemporary archaeology. The modern world requires study as geopolitical changes occur. Archaeology as a science relies on using both inductive and deductive reasoning to get anything done at all. Inductive reasoning provides strong evidence for the truth of the conclusion. The conclusion must be real and have credibility such as “all life on earth evolved to need water to survive.”

This statement doesn’t take into account silicon-based lifeforms of the kind found in various science fiction genres, for example. Deductive reasoning causes a closed domain of thinking, narrowing the focus until only the conclusion is left. Antiquarians have to come to conclusions about ancient artifacts, manuscripts, and historical sites with empirical evidence being sought after. Archaeologists started by studying England’s Stonehenge in the 17th century. Archaeology evolved into a science-based field only through the application of the scientific method. Psychic ability such as retrocognition can be used to enhance archaeological knowledge, a subset of clairvoyance, telepathy, and psychometry. Retrocognition is an ability to use your mind to gather knowledge of the past in a vision or using claircognizance.

Dowsing is an ancient practice that uses a rod or a pendulum to figure out where the water is on a property. Intuitives go with their psychic perception in addition to using devices. Dowsing rods are made up of two coat hangers that are able to pinpoint the location of water. The rod moves on its own to find the object in question or the water. Some psychics can use methods such as precognitive dreaming to find answers as well as channeling such as was used by Edgar Cayce who had access to the Akashic Records during his trances.

Archaeology is an ever-evolving field that is tested in the real world often. The father of archaeological excavation was William Cunnington, who in the 19th century developed stratigraphy, which was really layers that were traced back to specific periods, aiding the study of prehistorical and Bronze Age sites. Artifacts are arranged by chronological dates. I have had at least one psychic archaeology experience. When I went to Chile in 2007, I held an Egyptian tablet in my hand and had visions of people around the pyramids.

This is why I want to study archaeology, as I met somebody with an artifact collection in his house. We went to the Chilean anthropology museum where I saw more ancient artifacts. The ancient mythological city of Troy was actually found by Heinrich Schliemann who was able to tell that nine different cities overlap from each other from prehistory to the Hellenistic period. One big question remains for all of science to unravel: how did human evolution speed up from ancient history to the advances of modernity? It is not as simple as ancient aliens aiding us in our evolution is the solution to this problem. But it is something modern science can eventually figure out for itself.

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How Psychic Ability Can Be Used in Archaeology
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