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How to Deal with Rising Sea Levels

Here's an idea.

Rising sea levels will happen within the next 20 years regardless of whether you believe in climate change or not. A solution to this problem is to build fleets of submarines and tankers designed to harvest the water. We could desalinate it, sending it to dry corners of the world. We have to do something with all that water to prevent it from contributing to rising sea levels. Yes, the scientists give us dire warnings, but have any think tanks sat around while figuring out solutions to this problem?

The ice sheet dips in a basin that is 5,000 feet below sea level. The problem is not resolved right now with serious thinking thrown at it. The warming ocean makes the Pine Island Ice Shelf melt causing a 10-feet rise in sea level that nobody is addressing or doing anything about. The question is do we have 500 years or 20? This is a great concern for many a scientist. Larsen C has broken off the entire shelf in a Delaware-sized iceberg. What is found in most science articles is that there are limited solutions to this problem that people do not think about?

Coastal cities flood easily at present, since hurricanes, and storms bring in the water when the sea decides to encroach on coastal cities. There are ways of keeping floodwater out of your home, for example. Flood insurance is a necessary situation to prevent financial losses. The submarine water harvesting solution would help if we desalinate the water so that we can use it for our crops in California. California has long droughts that increase in severity due to global warming. If we ship water to the state, we have a chance of surviving the drought conditions better. Icebergs melting merely create more water, which is a valuable resource all across the planet. Houses could be put on wooden stilts so as the floodwater would wind up around the stilts. FEMA grants provide a way to fix things from disasters like Hurricane Harvey, which left a lot of damage in its wake.

Building a seawall in Manhattan is one other solution to this problem. Raising roads above sea level can reduce tidal flooding. Creeks could use pumps and drains to contain flooding from rain or rising sea-levels, even beaches could be used to act as a natural barrier of sorts that prevents sea levels from rising. The States definitely need funding for infrastructure. If by 2050, military bases have flooding, action must be taken to prevent sea-level rise. This is why my submarine water harvest can help. We would need a fleet designed to pump water into extra ballast tanks besides the usual ones, so that the water is harvested, then desalinated at a plant, and using tankers, we can ship the water to areas with severe drought so that we can use it to water the crops. This is an idea that some billionaire could take on to get it done.

There have to be solutions to sea level rise. We have to start thinking more about what we are going to do as a planet when the maps change shape. Somehow, we as a species are going to have to prepare for rising sea levels. It needs to happen. We have to start coming up with plans as to how to contain the problem before it gets worse. FEMA can only do so much when disasters like hurricanes strike. The human race has been given many opportunities to fix all the problems on this planet, one at a time.

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How to Deal with Rising Sea Levels
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