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Human Analysis

Perspectives from an alternate world.

Imagine, if you will, a world where everything is the same, except for ourselves. Through the historical development of this world, everything continued on our timeline, until the world war. When the war ended, humanity made an evolutionary turn. They found themselves realizing that if they continued in their ways, violence and divisionism, that the eventuality would be a world so divided upon itself, its chaotic atmosphere would become a toxic living environment. 

So, instead they invested their time in scientific advancement, in the arts, in technology, in every facet of bettering themselves as a collective, with the understanding that they are, in the simplest term and fact, human. There was no more racial divide, no more economic status quo, no persecution of sexual orientation. Now, imagine they found a way to visit our reality, and invited us to experience their world. What would you do? How would you exist? Or, you meet yourself in this alternate world, what would they say to you? Or, how would they feel about how you live your life?

While we believe our views to be true, they are based on false ideologies. They are stemmed by race (a term derived in the 16th century and modernized in the 19th century as a use to distinguish one to be greater than the other), by homophobia (long practiced since the 6th century), by xenophobia (manifested during the ancient Greek times due to fear of westerners being barbaric), and religious divide. If one were to view the world without each of these ideals, without a belief in "something", and just to see it as basic and primitive, theoretically we could abolish these fears we have created, these barriers we have built. 

This is not to say that a belief in "something" is inherently wrong. That is quite the opposite. In fact, it is the radicalization of any belief that leads to these falsified classifications, or fears. Secondly, belief is a man-made philosophical approach to understand and better one's life. So yes, one can believe in greater powers or forces without taking it to an extreme, and by doing so, can truly improve their life and the lives of those around them. It is when we take the words of an extremist in any form (belief, political, or otherwise) that we begin to feed into these phobias and false beliefs, and thus create more problems than solutions. We create the divide that will inevitably bring to our end. 

The reason for this theoretical discussion is to see if one can come to an understanding of accepting one for being who they are, without judgments on skin color (which is facade), sexual orientation (which is a basic right), or religious beliefs (again, a basic human right). Each day, you make decisions based on YOUR perspective, without giving an alternative perspective a possible thought. In our current turbulence, the outcome is only one way, chaos and the fall of humanity. Basically, humans are their own worst enemy. It has been this way for all of time. We look to conquer lands we do not own in the name of a leader, or religion, or greed. Humanity can only see one way, preservation of self, and how one can gain more for themselves. Basically, we concern ourselves with our own ego. 

It is a driving force in every action we take. Ego dictates how much we wish to drink, how much we can eat, what we can conquer, how many sexual partners one has, etc... By reversing this mentality to one of love or compassion, we may begin to have a deeper understanding of self, and the world around us. We may begin to heal the wounds we have inflicted upon each other in the name of religion, or race, or what ever "reason" we have used to justify our behavior. We may even begin to find ourselves growing closer, solving more problems, and ridding the world of violent atrocities. 

In the end, you are, by all accounts, only human...