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Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Government—Hextocracy

Were the founding fathers aliens?

Volutes over the White House

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the founding fathers were so enlightened to create a government that has lasted three times longer than the span of an average lifetime? Most people like control and stability in their lives, so how they did it is less important than they did and it appears to work even though there are aspects of it they may not like.

If you are aware of the possibility that Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU), you can test that hypothesis against the development of the government and look for clues of their existence. For instance, when you know they communicate using alphanumerics, anagrams and other symbolic representations you can see their handy work.

1600 Pennsylvania Ave
6 - 1 = 5 = E
00 = 20 (there are 2 zero's)
20 = T
1600 = ET

So, you can see the numeric representation for the address of the White House says ET in alien. This is consistent with other examples of their leaving clues to their presence here on Earth (Area 51, porphemes).

Could a being live on another planetary system and be able to transit a star system and live among us here on Earth? Wouldn't that give them an enormous intellectual advantage, one that Earthlings might not even be able to imagine or comprehend, much less identify and expose?

Would they even put clues in their last names?

WAS H          NOT            ING
WAS Hetlau NOT earthlING

OBviously i AM Aware

(ON = ONE = 1 = A = Alien)
CLassified INTelligence is Alien

TRuth dUMP (possible indication of disclosure coming)

Most believers in Extra Terrestrials have developed the term Extocracy to represent a government of Extra Terrestrials. Since no one has picked up on the possibility of HETLAU, they don't realize it would actually be a Hextocracy, or government of Humanoid Extra Terrestrials. Notice also some of the other words involved:

GOVERN—to control
Government= Mind Control

SUPREME beings Control OUR planeT

CONtrol proGRESS

choSEN fATE (events are scripted on the planet)

So if they are here living among us and they have created a government, what is the purpose? Could it be there is a larger and longer-term goal than to just keep the wealth and power consolidated in the few? Notice how the government has a term, "manifest destiny," to describe their intentions to grow the US. It is defined as something that is obvious to the eye, yet if you look at the word "manifest" as it appears in a bill of lading and manifest, it is a description of the goods to be delivered. So could the term manifest actually apply more to the concept that the events on Earth are scripted not just obvious, or that they are obvious to the HETLAU because they scripted them, not the Earthlings?

Next, look at how the term "new world order" has been floated, describing the government's role in the world. Most conspiracy theorists think it has some nefarious undertones. If you just realize Earth is a planet and the HETLAU someday need to interconnect it with the other planets where they live on, you can see the government's role is subliminally going to require them to wake the Earthlings up to realize they are Earthlings. So the term "new world order" could best be described as Humanoid Extra Terrestrial and Earthling order.

Could all these UFO sightings for 2017, the pentagon disclosure, and F-18 UFO intercept really just be a larger part of the role of the Hextocracy? Could disclosure become the realization that we have been led by a Hextocracy the whole time, not a democracy?

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Government—Hextocracy
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