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Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Military—Hextary

Military = Limitary - The Limit of Your System Is Your Military

Tactical Vee
Understanding the possibility Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU) is a new concept to most people. They have probably heard of Extra Terrestrials and UFO's, but the possibility they live among us is usually new to them and difficult to imagine, much less comprehend. Then to take that to the next step and say they are running a Hextocracy is simply too much to believe.

What happens is the individual will stop there and are never able to see what is really taking place Earth. Usually, they will totally discount all possibility, or only be willing to go as far as Extra Terrestrials and UFOs exist, but they have nothing to do with Earth.

Most people can understand how a government works, but a military is a little bit more complex. The key is, once you understand what is happening on Earth, it is easier to see their presence here by looking at the military. A Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Military posing as an Earthling military is called a HEXTARYHumanoid EXtra terrestrial militARY.

What the Earthlings are unable to see is that a military and the concept of war are the two greatest components of change on the planet. Earthlings see them as an unfortunate necessity for peace and security. What Earthlings don't realize is PEACE is really an acronym for People Enslavement Aliens Control Earth. So while we strive to achieve peace, we are really just empowering the Extra Terrestrial plan.

Ever since the first two cavemen picked up arrowheads and started to use technology to give them an advantage in fighting against each other, a pattern has been repeating on Earth. For whatever reason, the conflicts which have proliferated have developed into the term war. Earthling man tries to develop technology to make it so he can win and believes he is making fighting war obsolete. Yet as soon as one war stops, it is only a matter of time until the next one starts.

What Earthlings don't realize is they are all on the same team and all the constructs or disciplines of Earthling society that make us all have different viewpoints are placed here to divide us and keep us from realizing this. The Extra Terrestrial plan involves having the Earthlings build out Earth for them as slaves without knowing they are doing this.

They need to do this so they can take us from caveman to seemingly advanced Earthling who through subliminal dissemination will easily be able to understand what is going on when disclosure happens. In order to facilitate this, they need an Earth with an advanced technology and communication system present on the planet.

They obviously can't come out into the open and make a speech and tell the Earthlings, "Hey we're here and we need you to do this for us" because the Earthlings would revolt. So the single most effective way to speed the rate at which technological achievement occurs on Earth is to have wars.

The problem with having wars are they are very messy and difficult to control especially if you just have a bunch of Earthling vs Earthling conflicts without the Earthlings even being aware of what they are really doing. So the easiest way to solve this problem is to make sure each of the militaries of the Earth are Hextaries. This allows the HETLAU to make sure the actual goal of the war is accomplished, not the cover story goal of the war they put forth to the public.

If you know what to look for, you can even go back through history and see the clues they leave here so they will be able to get us to realize their presence here when they reveal disclosure.

Note the dates of the two times the US has been attacked at Pearl Harbor and September 11. Then see the alphanumeric conversion symbolic messaging in Alien.

December 7 = 12 / 7
12 - 7 = 5  = E

September 11 = 9 / 11
9 + 11 = 20 = T

Earthlings simply cannot believe something so complex could be coordinated right in front of our eyes and then something so simple as coordinating the start date to reveal a hidden message is possible. To think with Extra Terrestrial intelligence is simply beyond us. We might as well just be wasting our time searching the stars for radio signals (SETI). At least that appears to makes sense.

When you really know what to look for you can see them operating the Hextary right in front of you. Those three F-22's in the picture at the start of the article can't possibly defend the Earthlings against a UFO but they can easily be flown by Humanoid Extra Terrestrial pilots who know higher level fighter tactics than the Earthling do.

Three Ship Vee or Tactical Vee?

Three Ship Tactical Vee

It is the Three Ship Tactical Vee formation or fighting triangle formation Earthling fighter pilots don't understand the tactics of. Learning the tactics elevates your awareness level from Earthling to Extra Terrestrial and allows you to see the HETLAU and their Hextary.

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Military—Hextary
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