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Humans Who Are Aliens

Messages That They Don't Want You to Hear:


When you zoom out of planet earth, you get space. Space that sounds silent, filled with the vessels of experiencing lifeforms all swirling in the milky way. 

The human life seeming to think they understand answers to everything through science and factual information. Some information is tangible while some is not.

This is Molta, Grey Zeta in the class of C. Origination is from the place of the Orion Belt. I've been living as Skylar to the best of my ability in human form. What I share are things that you don't get to read on the everyday basis. I just wanted to let you know about how higher dimensional beings are existing in human bodies and how this is possible. How could this be created? How could this be proven?

You know how animals exists? You often wonder how did they come into existence? How were they created? Same with human life forms. How did we come into existence? There are many theories that describe how we came to exist. Some say we were apes then gradually grew into human DNA form. What about animals?

Sometimes things just exist right? They exist and we still today don't have answers. However we know it's real right? How do we know it's real? 

Everybody would express that it is real because we see them existing in our reality. With our eyes, physically there. Now what about all the people on the planet who have seen and experienced physical experiences with higher dimensional beings and races? Why is it that it isn't just a few people who see them? If you were to do research on this topic, you would actually be surprised at how many people around this very planet have experienced seeing ET's. 

How did ET's come to even being real?

Here is where you will either listen or become in a state of fear and reject:

Let us remove the physical aspect of life forms. Take away matter and DNA. Take away everything that the human planet consists of. Remove yourself from that space first.

It's hard, isn't it? How do we let go of the attachment to the physical? 

Pretend you are light. You are shinning in this very moment, there's no electricity source, plug in the wall to light you. You aren't defined into a physical form. Where could this light be coming from? What actually creates light to begin with? 


Energy is movement frequencies that are happening in everything all around us. Now if energy creates physical matter, what does that mean? It means that without energy, physical matter can't exist. 

So if we discovered now that everything is energy beyond the physical structure of existence then this means energy exists.

Energy is formed by many factors, but we would like to stick with frequency and sound/movement. 

There are a percentage of hertz frequencies that vibrate so fast the human body and eyes can't physically see it. However, you can feel it.


Now if we were to tell you that you came from energy creation, we have a lot more in common than you may think. Since we also come from energy forms, except our physical vessels can't be seen necessarily by human perception.

However, that doesn't mean it can't be felt, experienced or understood. Now at this time, your ego will want to either stop you from reading this information or it will decide to be receptive and finish reading this information. Whichever one your ego decides is completely okay.

We exist through energy and you can feel and experience our existence. You ever have moments in your life where a wave of realization comes over you? Where you feel connected to everything beyond just the earth? That feeling is you tapping into existence itself with no bounds.

We've all experienced it. A lot of us sometimes forget about those moments.

How can we exist in human bodies? You know the souls and spirits that exist beyond physical? We actually shift into that space of energy, much like that light we are connected and shinning.

Sometimes we choose human bodies to live through so that we can get our messages across like we are right now in this very moment.

There are thousands of us living in human bodies; we call them hybrids. They are the starseeds of the world who create change for a brighter future.

Many times we even come to humans in their dreams or many who practice astral projection or OBE (outer body experiences). They have that calling to practice these things because we want to have contact with them.

We hope that this information can open perspective. We are not here to create and instill fear among you all. However, our presence and existence is as real as any other truth you experience. 

We love you all, and we thank you for being you. All your doings are not gone unseen. 


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Humans Who Are Aliens
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