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I Can Americanize You

A Businesswoman Seeks to Negotiate with a Modest Chinese Family

The Simple Glow

They hardly knew a lick of English. They could comprehend dribs and drabs here and there, but could by no means speak it fluently. But they worked. They had just finished receiving Delaware’s first non-government-backed business license for restaurants. As the family rejoiced at this achievement, they still had trouble with assimilating into the American culture. That all changed when cacao-colored Shanae Tyner walked through the doors of the well-kept restaurant.

Chen Liu, the cashier and clerk and accountant, ran to her husband Zhang Weng who spoke just a few syllables of the de facto language in the United States of America. He came to her and reminded his wife that they had a completely new technology to employ called "You Talk, I Talk." A smartphone could translate all of the words that a customer spoke in milliseconds, but this new software would teach the speaker to say the words so that the other party could understand. It was a language lesson in virtually no time.

Shanae approached the counter.

“Hello,” she said. The computer offered the Chinese version.

The faces of both Chen and Liu lit up a bit.

So that both parties could benefit from the transaction, a screen broadcasted the words for each.

“I am Shanae Tyner. I'm here to help you grow your business,” the software issued.

Chen and Zhang Weng began to frown.

“We barely have enough money to expand,” Shanae read. Then it translated into Chinese.

“That’s fine. We can work out those details when I hand you this business plan.”

The Chinese registered. Chen and Zhang Weng both looked at Shanae with happier looks.

 (After our shift, we can talk.)

The translator read Shanae’s words as, “Thank you.”

It was near the close of the shop and Shanae had ordered some hot green tea. She passed the time using her mobile device. She grew businesses while still waiting to grow this one. The internet provided her the flexibility to invest capital in various ventures. She was pleased. Liu looked at his smartwatch. He had to go to the door and turn away patrons, something that he dreaded though he knew it to be necessary. He reversed himself and shot his hands into the air.

Chen finished up with the register receipts and debits, and came to sit with Shanae. Zhang Weng followed suit. Shanae pulled out her tablet. It glowed like a blaze, showing digitized bits of information in a display of spectacular light.

The You Talk, I Talk system proved to be rather handy in this situation. Shanae looked down at the figures.

“You’re pulling in two or three million dollars a year. You don’t have to worry about government inspectors or other hassles. You can just focus on making the best possible experience for your customers.”

You Talk, I Talk translated all of this and smiles appeared on Chen and Liu’s faces. Their son, Chao, had just finished sweeping the floors and came to the dining area exhausted. His eyes darted directly to the tablet. He spoke at great length in Chinese, but the You Talk, I Talk somehow malfunctioned.

What wee bits of English that he knew came out in slivers and slices.

“Okay... we can scale?” Chao said.

“Yes!” Shanae said. “If we scale up, we can grow your business five or tenfold.”

The family looked blank at Shanae.

Shanae then had to pantomime her way through this situation. She put her hands together as if to pray. She then widened them and illustrated the impact of just a few more options that the Chinese restaurant could explore.

Their faces lit up at the moment that Shanae mentioned the increase in money.

The You Talk, I Talk ran with efficiency again.

“I can Americanize you,” Shanae said.

(Thank you!)




“You're more than welcome,” Shanae said.

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I Can Americanize You
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