Iceland AU / Lucky Flurry, Original Character

Lucky and Layla

Lucky huffed as his feet touched the ice covered ground, his hands holding onto the lead that led to the horse. His eyes flickering over towards Layla. "We're here," Lucky said, his hands tying the lead tightly to the piece of rock. Layla walked over towards him, the two wearing silver suits that helped mainly with the cold. "We need to go in and get what we need and get out. This weather will kill us in no time," Lucky said, Layla nodding her head as she whistled. The simple whistle had her dog running close behind her. Lucky pulled his goggles over his eyes and his hood over his head, Layla doing the same.

"Don't flake out on me," Layla said, her smile proceeding as the two entered the cave. It was dark but it was so light. Layla flicked on her flashlight, leading the two deeper and deeper into the Earth. "Here it is," Layla said, Lucky turning around and making sure that no-one was following close behind. He sighed softly, kneeling down as Layla collected the small fragments of rock. This was all for science, the two working to find a cure for a disease that was slowly wiping the Earth's population. No-one knew where the virus came from or where it even started but Layla and Lucky had their own beliefs. The government. It was population control and it was clear to see.

"Someone's coming," Lucky said, Layla, tying off the bag and tying it to her dog's collar. The two knew it'd be safe if it was around that dog's neck. Nobody ever wanted to lose an arm in such a lame way. Lucky sighed, the two standing now as men came and approached the two.

"The Queen would like to see the both of you," the men stated. Their voices were deep and Lucky could tell they were simply trying to be intimidating. He nodded, Layla, nodding quickly after. The two weren't known for resisting unless completely necessary. The four exited the cave, the Queen standing outside, her eyes landing on Lucky. "Kneel," the men said, Lucky and Layla simply going to their knees, looking up at the Queen as she had her bird perched neatly upon her shoulder. Layla's dog was gone, most likely hiding with the horse the two rode in on.

"What is your business here on my land?" the Queen questioned the two. Lucky knew Layla all too well. She wasn't going to open her mouth even if they tried to pry it open with a crowbar.

"We're here for research, our people are dying and the only cure is here—it's found in the rocks," Lucky stated, the Queen listened, her head nodding. She made her way to Lucky, kneeling before him as he had kneeled before her. The two were now eye level with one another. Layla wanted to move, she wanted to protect Lucky, but did Lucky really need her protection? The Queen smiled as she got closer and closer to Lucky's face, her lips smashing into his. Lucky hadn't expected such an action from a Queen. She pried her lips from his, her eyes opening just as his did.

"I've found my King." The words that came from the Queen sent shock into Lucky. The two guards ran towards Layla as she got up, her attempt to go after Lucky had failed. The Queen quickly walking off with him, a guard holding his arm. Lucky glanced back at Layla, her face was filled with worry. Lucky had to keep a straight face.

"It'll be okay!" Lucky yelled after her, in a blink of an eye, he could no longer see Layla. The snow was picking up, the wind swirling it around and causing nothing but white for miles. It hadn't been long and he was walking into a building. It was beautiful inside, the Queen smiling as she looked at him.

"Please... make yourself a home." She stated before she was walking up a flight of stairs, guards leading Lucky into another set of rooms.

* Layla's point of view. *

The Queen had taken Lucky. She planned to marry him but Layla couldn't allow that to happen. She needed Lucky back at home. He was the brains of the whole operation, without him, they were all doomed dead. Layla ran for the horse, she quickly got it, riding off into the distance that she figured was where they went. The horse came to a slow, "Woah..." Layla said, the horse stopping as they came upon a set of stairs, Layla hopped off the horse and tied her to the post. "I'll be right back, you two stay," she said, her pup running right up beside them. Layla walked up the steps, her feet were quiet as she did so. In the far distance, she could see a building, it was a castle and this must of been where they had taken Lucky. It only made sense. Layla made her way to the castle walls, sliding quickly as the doors opened, hiding quickly as she slipped in. She looked around, the inside was fancy and polished. She moved towards the right, heading down a hallway that was lined with doors. She had to find Lucky, where would they keep him?

"Get off me!"

Layla's head turned, hearing the familiar voice of Lucky. She quickly opened the door, seeing him fighting against two guards. Layla pushed them back, helping Lucky get himself free from their grasp. Lucky stared at Layla for a moment, Layla quickly pulling on him, the two running out into the hall. They turned the Queen right in front of them. "I'm not leaving without him," Layla said, her eyes stern.

"Then I guess you won't be leaving, will you?" The Queen said, laughter coming from her as she raised her hand. Lucky saw it coming, he ran in front of Layla just as the Ice Queen hit him. He felt the blow but got back up, he looked at Layla—the doors opening. He grabbed Layla by her hand and rushed outside. The Queen quickly running after, her birds dashing out of the castle after the two. Layla ran down the stairs and pointed over towards where she left the horse.

"Get on the horse, common!" Layla yelled, the two quickly mounting the horse, her pup beginning to dash off, showing them the way out. Layla grabbed the reigns and the horse lurched up, dashing off into the white scenery. They ran for what felt like a long time before they hit a wall. "We have to climb it..." Layla said, hopping off the horse along with Lucky. The two beginning to climb the large rock mountain, Layla whistled, the horse running off. That horse was well trained, she had trained it herself and she trusted that the horse would be at the top by the time they all made it. Layla's pup began to climb, the two right behind her.

"Should have brought better shoes," Lucky said, causing Layla to let out a soft laugh. He stepped up, grabbing onto the rocks and lifting himself up. Layla doing the same, pulling herself up quickly onto the rock. A wave of birds came crashing around them, "She's coming, we've got to hurry." Lucky said. That Queen was obsessed with him, wanted him as a King. The two hadn't realized the dangers were far more than the weather. Layla rushed herself, quickly pulling herself up and that was when she hit the green grass, she smiled, getting to her feet, looking down at Lucky. She knelt down and offered her hand, Lucky taking it as Layla helped pull him up.

"Alright, let's get going," Layla said, the three running across the land. Just as Layla hoped, her horse came rearing right beside them, the three stopped running, Lucky and Layla hopping onto the horse, Layla's pup running to give them direction. The horse ran quickly, so quickly that there wasn't a chance the Ice Queen was going to be able to follow. They turned the bend, the ocean in sight. "We're almost home," Layla informed, the two disappearing off into the distance.

"Almost," Lucky said.