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Immortal's Tale Chapter 5

Black Wing introduces himself to the world.

The hero supporters and the anti-hero group were fighting mercilessly until a few moments ago. Until Black Wing appeared.

Everyone was watching and listening to the conversation between Inferno and Black Wing. They didn't seem to know each other.

"You want to rule the city?! Isn't that a little over dramatic" asked Inferno. He was much calmer now, his conversation with the this mysterious man seems to have alleviated the shock of first seeing him.

"You seem to think that I'm toying with you, why is that?"

"Why? Are you really asking that? An unknown man comes from nowhere and says he's going to take control, isn't that a little much? And even if you're actually serious about it, do you seriously think you can pull off such a ridiculous feat? There are hundreds of heroes that can easily stomp on you, me included."

"Ahh. You say I'm unknown, and I agree with you, I am unknown to the people of the city. But that is precisely why I'm here. I told you, you're going to be my introduction show."

"Introduction show? And what does that mean exactly?"

"Well, I thought it obvious. I'm going to beat you senseless and establish my name as a villain. Isn't that how this works, villains do bad things?"

"You think that thing with the stage scared me? I don't think you realise who you're talking to. I'm one of the strongest superheroes in New York City, I've never come across a villain I didn't put away." Inferno was puffing his chest proudly as he introduced himself.

"Well, Inferno-" Black Wing began descending to the ground slowly. The crowd around Inferno took a few steps back in caution. Black Wing now stood 5 metres away from inferno. "-Shall we see who's stronger?"

With the end of that last question, Black Wing made a quick move with his arm and sent a sharp blast of air towards his opponent. Inferno reacted by summoning a wall of lava to protect him from the attack.

"A quick response, I'm impressed. You're not the people's hero of the year for no reason I guess" said Black Wing in a sarcastic tone.

"You call that an attack? It was pathetically weak. Lemme show you what a real attack is".

Inferno split the earth near Black Wing and directed a shot of red hot volcanic rock directly to his torso. It hit, and Black Wing was pushed back a few metres. His suit now had a hole in the stomach area and showed his bare skin, not a scratch on it.

"So you can take a hit from me and survive. Now I'm impressed. I honestly expected you to have a hole in your stomach."

Black Wing adjusted his position and dusted some volcanic ash from His shoulder. "That was weaker than I expected it to be. I had high hopes for the People's hero but it looks like you don't amount to much. I guess I'll play with you until backup arrives, they might prove to be a little more of a challenge."

Inferno was infuriated. His opponent was just hit with his attack and stumbled back, yet still says that. He will show him what he can do when he gets serious.

The ground around Inferno cracked slowly in a webbed circle. People started running in all direction, terrified from the sudden appearance of lava.

Black Wing readied himself, the attacks are going to be a little stronger this time and his body alone might not be able to block them.

Inferno sent a dozen lava shots towards Black Wing. They were coming in like meteors entering earth's atmosphere. They weren't very fast however so Black Wing used his speed to slip by them one after the other.

Inferno saw how easily his opponent dodged every shot. All he saw were hazy images of Black Wing in between the lava. Superspeed can be a problem but no matter, Inferno had fought is fare share of speedsters in the past, he can handle this one.

Black Wing stood there after dodging the shots, waiting to see what else Inferno has in store. Next thing he knows, a shower of the same shots were coming down at him. Inferno decided to continuously throw these shots in order to inhibit his speed, it was logical, and it had worked many times before.

Black Wing can't dodge all of them with his speed, there are simply too many. He's going to have to step his gear up slightly higher.

He began running and dodging some, while rapidly cooling down others with his wind. The wind pressure was very high, to the point where some of the lava balls was send flying in all directions and hit many people still watching the fight.

Needless to say, they were killed.

By the time the cooled down ones hit the ground, they were either useless rock, or useless sand.

Inferno witnessed what happened in front of his eyes with an gaping mouth, he couldn't believe what he just saw. In an instant, Black Wing weaved past and neutralised his shots. He used two of his powers at the same time. only the most accomplished superheroes can do that.

It took him years to learn combining earth and fire, he was always fascinated with the power of volcanoes since he was little, ever since seeing one erupting from a distance while on holiday with his family.

Even after all the years of training, his control over the two elements was not perfect; his fire control was greater than his earth power, therefore some of shots tend to lose some accuracy when he is in a hard battle or when losing his calm.

Black Wing noticed some civilians were killed By Inferno's power, albeit it was his defence that sent then playing in all directions.

"Seems like I was right, you aren't very strong after all. Is that's the best you can do?" Antagonising Inferno could lead him to lose control and kill more civilians, that would be a very good outcome for Black wing's introduction show, and it will deal a blow to the superheroes of New York, seeing such a famous superhero be so reckless.

His hope was in vain however, Inferno had realised what was happening around him. He must've thought that he himself lost control and killed the people around him. He was in shock, standing with a vacant expression plastered across his face and looking around at the destruction he caused.

Seems like it time to end the fight. With that expression, Inferno isn't going to be useful any longer.

Black Wing sped towards inferno and landed a powerful punch to the face of his opponent knocking him back a few meters, and rendering him unconscious in an instant.

Maximilian looked around at the scene. It was a marvelous introduction to his villainous persona. Destruction and death everywhere. People weeping over their dead, children crying while searching for their parents. The world will know Black Wing now, they'll turn to heroes for help, realising that no one but a high level hero can stand a chance against me. But it's not time yet, my work has just begun.

"Stop right where you are!"

Three heroes arrived at the scene, evidently the back up Inferno was waiting for.

The show must go on.

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Immortal's Tale Chapter 5
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