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Immortal's Tale Chapter 6

Black Wing introduces himself to the world (part 2)

The group's leader was Shockwave. He is a famous tactician type hero who has led many superhero assault teams in the past. He emits high frequency sound waves that can repel physical objects among other things. He is highly respected in the field.

To his right was Anima. His power was animal mimicry, taking on some animal properties for a short period, from my research I understand that the pool of animals he can mimic is quite narrow.

The last was Blake. A rather simple name compared to most superheroes. His power isn't physically obvious; his brain can process information fifty times faster than normal humans, plus he was a highly trained CIA operative. The combination of the two made him a very proficient fighter and a superhero. His hand-to-hand combat and battle instinct surpass most other superheroes.

Their plan was stereotypically to take me in peacefully if possible and with little collateral damage but, once they saw the park; the dead bodies laying on the floor, the fire and cracked grounds, and their colleague Inferno on the floor unconscious, their original plan was thrown out and they started attacking.

Shockwave signaled the others and they formed a triangle around me. Shockwave directed an attack on the ground and shot a medium piece of rubble towards me. Meanwhile, Anima took advantage of my dispersed focus and charged at me. Blake pulled out two pistols and fired a few rounds intended for my shoulders, stomach, and knees.

All three attacks were perfectly in sync as to support each other. Shockwave's attack provided a distraction, Blake's shots intended to weaken me, and finally, Anima was to hammer the final nail in my coffin, presumably by charging at me with the power of an elephant, or an equally powerful animal. This team is very efficient and well organised.

I used my earth elemental power to block the rubble from shockwave, and protect my knees from Blake's bullets. I wasn't fast enough to block the rest of the bullets and they hit.

Before stumbling backward, I managed to shoot off a wind slash towards Anima, planting a big wound in his left arm and forcing him in the direction of Shockwave, who wasn't fast enough to dodge.

Shockwave was knocked unconscious, and Anima was bleeding heavily from his arm. They were both out of the picture.

After regaining my balance I intended to finish off Blake but he was faster than I anticipated.

He was already a few centimeters away from me with a gun directed at my head. I used my speed to dodge the bullet and simultaneously get in behind Blake and attack, only he has anticipated that move and instinctively blocked my punch. What he didn't anticipate, however, was me using a superspeed punch; his arm broke in a loud snap and he stumbled back.

As professional as he is, he tried to maintain his focus on me through his pain. However, his focus would undoubtedly be momentarily affected by such pain which gave me the chance to attack. I summoned a pillar of rock from his side and drove it through his head, knocking him unconscious. It is too early in my plan to be killing heroes in this instance so this will do for now.

Black Wing Will most definitely be the talking point on the news for the next few months. And since I made sure that the reporters and camera men that came for the hero celebrations weren't harmed by any attacks, the world will witness how useless those low-level heroes were on tape.

It seems everything is done for today, time to return to my other mask and cultivate my connections in the underground.

I took flight and headed away from the park. As I was approaching the park's entrance, I saw someone. A hero, as evident by the clothes. However, she doesn't seem to be an experienced one. She was bent down and breathing heavily, seems she was running towards the chaos, hoping to stop me. She's too late, I've already achieved what I needed.

She doesn't seem very strong so fighting her would be pointless. At least she can go to the middle of the park and witness the destruction I caused. It might be a good chance for her to see just how dangerous her job is.


Maximilian had felt he achieved what he set out to do. That Black Wing was well introduced to the world. He felt satisfied that his plans to reform humanity's opinion about the Enableds was off to a good start. He was on his way out of the park when he saw Rebecca.

Rebecca ran from her home to the park for the chance to fight this new threat after seeing the events broadcasting live on the news. She was desperate for the chance to prove herself as a hero. To prove to everyone at the Police academy that they've let go of an important asset.

When she finally got to the park, her lungs were burning. She had been running non-stop to get here, she needed to catch a breath, otherwise, she'll only be target practice when she gets to the scene.

She bent down to take a break. A few seconds after that, a giant shadow resembling a bird flew over her. She looked up to see where it came from and what she saw was no bird. It a man with wings. And unless another wing-bearing enabled surfaced in the past hour, that was definitely the villain that was fighting Inferno.

He didn't seem to be in a rush, therefore, Rebecca assumed no one must be chasing him. She only caught a glimpse of the fight on TV before leaving for the scene of the fight. She couldn't believe this unknown villain would win against such a famous hero. Either way, he is leaving, and no one is following.

Rebecca stood for a moment, thinking.

The villain that caused all the trouble is fleeing the scene, no one is following so it could mean Inferno either lost or is preoccupied. Maybe this villain had an accomplice fighting Inferno. Either way, I'll be useless going there. It's only logical to split targets between us. I learned that in the academy. Although it was in the context of "every hero should split and match up with villains with compatible powers." I highly doubt that applies here but no one cares about compatible powers right now. I'm the only one here, so I'm the only one that can follow him.

Finally, after a short internal struggle, Rebecca decided that it was her duty to follow the villain known as Black Wing. And in all honesty, gathering information about this new villain that no one else knows can help her hero image and maybe even gain some favour with her new hero company.

With that, Rebecca turned around and disappeared into an alleyway that she saw the villain fly to. It was broad daylight so it would be easy to spot a flying man. Black Wing will most likely be changing outfits somewhere close.

She was scared. She understood that what she's doing is highly dangerous, especially with the thought that this man might have beaten Inferno hovering in her mind. But she pressed on and followed.

She will definitely be the one to discover the identity of this unknown villain, and become a famous hero herself. She was determined to prove her worth.

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Immortal's Tale Chapter 6
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