In the Midst of Wonder

Immerse Yourself! A Second Person Short Story

There you are amidst a very unfamiliar, peculiar place. You lie cheek sunken into the sand as your eyes decipher what seems to be a beach. Your hands are stretched out beside you with palms hugging the grainy sand and you notice you are holding a necklace. You remembered just moments ago you were at a beach, however, not this beach, and remembered that you were running towards the ocean and splashing your way into the rhythmic pattern of the waves as each pull of the water gently hit your body. You picked up that same necklace you had found and within a few seconds, dark clouds and a huge storm roar into what was once a calm and sunny day at the beach. You got wiped out under the waves and now, this is where you are. An all too familiar, yet unfamiliar place. 

You make out the same beach you were at except this time it seems like tyou are staring into geometrical and shinier shapes that once stood the normal beach environment you were at prior to this whole incident. Each grain of sand was shinier, glimmering more specks of light and more beautiful than you can ever imagine. With such a mesmerizing beauty you cannot help but let all nervousness dispel. You feel as if this is where you were meant to be. This is where you feel safe. "I remember this place, actually," you mutter to yourself. Suddenly a vision flashes into your head where you remember a hut down the corner somewhere near where the lifeguard tower was back in your real place where it wasn't all weird looking. This strange but comfortable feeling of serenity fills you almost hypnotizing you as you set out toward the hut. 

Clk. clk. clk.

You hear the sound of wind chimes hanging from the hut where the air also blows into your face. The fresh, crisp air blows out from the hut and towards you as if it was gesturing you and welcoming you inside. In a peaceful and semi-hypnotized state your eyes flutter in awe as your pupils dilate in excitement. Taking a step onto the hardwood floor as it creaks you gaze out the window of the hut you can see the ocean waves crashing into the rocks just feet away. The waves had a geometrical look weaved into them, as if it was like a computer game of pixelated, yet radical looking waves. "Huh," you whisper in curiosity. You feel as if you were brought here to look for something...or someone.

Suddenly, you hear foot steps coming toward you. Frozen, the sounds become louder and louder with each step inching closer. As you turn around, you see a 7-ft. tall figure staring straight at you and peering right into your soul. It seems like through telepathic communication, you nod in empathy, realizing you recognize this being. A glowing blue aura that engulfs this spirit entity emanates outwards and into a yellowish, white light that seems to pervade the entire room. It seems like its presence added another layer of stillness into the environment. The being inches closer to you and with its layers of colorful light morphs into a more intact, human-like being, although the colors are still visible as if it is still a spirit. Its eyes have a soft, glow of a golden light beaming outwards. "We've been expecting you", says what seems to be a male voice. What was once telepathic communication turned into normal speaking of language. "I know you," you utter in amusement and curiosity. "Why does everything seem so strangely familiar, as if I've been here before" continuing on with your ramble of thoughts. He responds, "You will find out in time." He beckons you toward him and says, "Follow me." 

You knew you can trust this being, or whatever it is, because you have this strange feeling resonating deep inside your core that perhaps you have met this being before, maybe in a past life. But how is that possible? Questioning what makes sense right now no longer matters, since you're clearly in this situation and in an entirely different environment with beings like who you have encountered who apparently morph human-like from balls of light. You take shapeshifting into consideration since it does seem to exist in this world, or dimension, or wherever you are. He leads you into a dock full of boats and other people just like you lingering there. It seems like they also have these beings ranging from different colors unlike him. He informs you saying, "We are guardians. Our mission is to assist you humans into finding your true colors."

You walk past these people and beings as your guardian in front of you leads you into a little boat. "So, what exactly are we doing here and where are we going," you ask with a perplexed look on your face. Finally, ready, he puts his to hands above you as if transferring some pieces of information through yet again, a telepathic connection. Suddenly it hits you, the very reason you remember this place is because you have lived a past life before. This is where you resided before you incarnated into another life. Breaking into tears, you stare right at him crying, "Matthew..." In such overwhelming tears and sadness memories continue to flood your brain as he transfers the information through his palms and into your memory. "My name was Eva. I...I thought I lost you! You were my son, but you died when you fell off a boat and drowned. I tried my best to save you, but before I knew it I couldn't resuscitate you and there you were on the floor of the boat where I was down on my knees holding you and was deeply distraught and heartbroken. But how-? What have you become?" 

"I'm free now Mom," replies your present guardian and dear son, Matthew. He hugs you and consoles you to confirm that you have been a good mother and that everything was alright. "B-but, why am I here? Did I die?" 

He chuckles, "No, that talisman you have in your hand summoned you here..." You realize you were still clenching onto the necklace with your hand. He continues on, "You see there are many objects scattered throughout the earth and they attract specific people for when there is a dire need to seek out safety. This talisman teleported you here, because you were in danger when that storm occurred. You were approaching near death. This place you are in is for you to momentarily seek refuge at until you are ready. 

"I want to stay forever here with you my son", you mention shedding a tear of joy and sadness. 

"I am truly sorry. I cannot let you. I have a duty for the order of this universe. I am here to guide you. This is my calling. Besides, you have a whole life out there to live, you're only 16. You are very young and are living out another life once again." A silence looms over the two of you for a brief moment. Looking down with a somewhat broken heart but in content you say, "I understand." He gently paddles through the waves for a few seconds until the momentum gets going and the boat, as if by magic, glides through the water with ease and moves on its own toward the horizon. A bright, white light intensifies from the sun as you two move further out from the shore and within a few moments, the glaring light gently puts you fast asleep. 

Eyes shut.

"Vanessa! Come on wake up! Please."

The light from the sunset and the splashing, cool water that you cough out as your boyfriend does CPR on you wakes you hard awake. The storm must have taken its course as everything now seems calm and moonlight will soon be breaking. Your eyes slowly open from total darkness and in seeps the sunlight as you make out a face just inches above you. "Connor..." 

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