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Is Lent an Extra Terrestrial Event?

Are all the Earthlings alive on other planets?

Is this event subliminal dissemination of the future?

Is it possible that religious stories and events are actually Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU)? Through these stories and events could they really be secretly preparing us for disclosure through subliminal dissemination?

Most religious studies won't delve into the technical aspects of what is really going on in religion and just place it into the realm of a mystery that is beyond Earthling comprehension and better left up to the Gods in heaven to deal with.

If you put religious teachings aside and look at what is being described from a technical viewpoint, is it possible to understand what is really happening?

Just like you can use porphemes to see LENT is an extra terrestriaL evENT, you can break down words on Earth using Extra Terrestrial intelligence to see their true meaning. For example, MIRACLE is MIRA or "to see" from the Spanish verb mirar meaning to see and CLE is a porpheme for the English word clearly. Notice how Earthlings with their rigid language structures imposed upon them would never think to derive the meaning of a word from two words of different languages.

Just like miracle says when you can see clearly what is going on you will know a miracle is just an Extra Terrestrial magic act, you can see the Extra Terrestrial intelligence in the word formation and you can see their subliminal dissemination taking place on Earth. Makes you wonder why SETI needs to search outer space looking for radio signals when you can see Extra Terrestrial Intelligence right here on Earth at no cost.

If you step away from Earth for a moment and imagine all the miracles on Earth as just normal acts on other planets you can begin to see how Earthlings think something that is impossible is actually just a boring mundane act on another planet. By not informing the Earthlings of the possibilities, a HET (Humanoid Extra Terrestrial) can come to Earth and appear GOD-like with superior powers most Earthlings would never even try to contemplate how they accomplish. 

Without getting religious if you read John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Most religious scholars will interpret this as Jesus is the word, and he existed with God before Earth existed. Is it possible that Jesus either morphed or polymorphed himself into Mary?

Morphing is where you take your current image or state of being and place yourself into another body so that you remain the same person. Polymorphing is where you take your current image or state of being and place yourself into another body so you become unrecognizable as the original being.

Without knowing what Jesus looked like before Earth existed you cannot tell whether he morphed or polymorphed himself. Using either of those concepts though begins to easily explain the mysterious virgin birth. Just like Earthlings are rapidly advancing biotechnology, Extra Terrestrials would already have all the advances we strive to achieve, and they would all be normal commonplace daily events of no major significance on their planets, unlike on Earth.

Remember his famous quote in John 18:36:

My kingdom is not of this world

Do you see know how he could be acting out what his kingdom is really like in front of the Earthlings without them being aware of it? When most people hear that quote it makes them think outward as to where his kingdom might be and what it would be like. Rarely, does it make a person think he is displaying his kingdom abilities in front of us as subliminal dissemination as part of a much larger plan the Earthlings are not aware of.

Imagine yourself as a grown adult in whatever body form could be possible Extra Terrestrially. For example, as a little three-foot tall green man with almond-shaped eyes and antennae or a six-foot-tall being who looks like an Earthling. Then further imagine placing yourself in the womb of a woman and growing up into a man on Earth. This may actually be a totally normal possibility on other planets.

Granted it seems bizarre in Earthling terms but could that be because we have evolved being told its just not possible so our minds have formed differently and seeing that it is possible it just too shocking to accept? Could Extra Terrestrials have needed to place examples of how life really is on other planets in order to prepare us for disclosure without shocking us too much? Notice the other incidents of Earthlings being resurrected in the Bible as well. Could this be foreshadowing the reality that all Earthlings don't really die and are alive on other planets controlled and run by Extra Terrestrials?

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Is Lent an Extra Terrestrial Event?
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