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Is Our Life Real?

Are we monitored?

The Truman Show, the 2000 movie that starred Jim Carrey had an immense impact on people, more than it should.

The show really made its audience think that if they are living in a fake reality where their life is being televised for everybody other than you to see.

When I first watched the movie two years ago, I didn't really think about the possibility of my life being a movie for everybody to see because why would 'they' choose me? I literally have one of the most boring existence on this planet.

But the way that the movie was made, the movie's persuasiveness and directing really made people question their life.

There are those with other mental issues such as schizophrenia who thought they were a part of a television show, some were extremely happy and proud of themselves for this discovery while some were tormented.

They even went as far as to have everything examined for bugs or micro-cameras.

One such person with the 'Truman Show Syndrome' personally traveled to  New York City, climbed on top of Statue Of Liberty just so he could unite with his high school sweetheart and the show would be over.

The movie discusses a lot more other topics other than whatever it portrays, it isn't just a plot where a man is stuck in his own world and he is monitored every single second and has no actual privacy. 

It loosely discusses religion in some context, could it be that the so-called God is watching us while you are reading this post or as I'm writing it.

Could the audience from outside Truman's comfort be his God? because he didn't know if the outside world exists but he could only imagine it did.

It is also easy to be manipulated and controlled by the people around you, this unknowingly changes how you behave, think and your capabilities, in the movie.

The production staff placed a fear of water in Truman as he had to witness his TV dad passed away in a boating accident.

This was done to such an extent that it placed a terrible phobia on Truman just so the enjoyment of millions of people won't be ruined.

A character that Truman meets in the show and falls in love with,  she breaks character and tells him that his reality is fake.

This confuses Truman as she didn't have time to explain because her father was dragging, saying they are moving to Fiji.

When he finally gained courage as he grew older, becoming more vulnerable to this situation of being trapped in a small town and wanting to explore the outside world.

In the end, when he finally accomplished what he had been wanting to do for a long time, the show's producer tries to stop him, convincing that there is no more truth, that he can stay in this fictional world and he would be protected.

When the show officially ends, people then started to look something else to watch.

The last part of the film was extremely realistic. 

In the beginning of the movie, it seemed like the enormous audience of the show were infatuated with Truman, they lived with him, slept with him, they basically had their entire lifestyle planned based on Truman.

But as the show ended, they didn't seem particularly affected by this and just went on to find something else that fits their taste and replace The Truman Show.

So the ones that are bringing you down because they may seem to rely heavily and depend on you, they would soon find a quick replacement once you are gone from their life. 

It is cruel but it is just how humans are.

But Is Our Life Real? Before you sleep, check your computers, mirrors, phones for any bugs or micro-cameras because you just don't know how the smallest possibility could have disastrous consequences.

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Is Our Life Real?
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