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Is Religion Psychological Sedation?

Can its real purpose be revealed via critical thinking?

As we have discovered when looking at how Extra Terrestrials languages function on Earth via the possibility of HETLAU, we have seen how the term Government stands for mind control.
Govern = to control
Ment = Mental = Mind
Government = Mind Control

So if the term Government is mind control what is the term religion? removing the suffix ion which basically means "a process" then we are left with relig. Since we know G stands for government, we can then substitute mind control so we are left with reli mind control. Reli is a morpheme for relinquish, so using the concept of porphemes and ETI, we can derive the term relinquish mind control. Or more accurately religion is possibly the process of relinquishing control of one's mind.

The concept of mind control is a bizarre one for most Earthlings and immediately brings about images of foreign influence controlling our minds in scary and bizarre fashions.

Mind Control Image

If you step back from the hysteria for a moment and think rationally isn't mind control also a function of the individual. You could even think of mind control as discipline. A disciplined individual has control over their mind and the actions of their body they employ with it.

So the concept of a foreign entity employing some extreme and bizarre method to control a person's mind, though possible, is probably more a function of things like scenarios seen in movies or read in books. If an Extra Terrestrial race was more intelligent though, and possibly lived among the Earthlings and wanted to control them, could they find easy methods to do it that might border on an individuals ability to discipline their own mind?

Human nature makes it so Earthlings want to live, they want to be free, and they want to be happy. Sort of a coincidence how the constitution lists those three key ingredients in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The problem is Earthlings are unaware of the possibility of HETLAU and the events on Earth are so complex they make the realization of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness usually only attainable by the powerful, wealthy few of the elite, and not even all of them achieve it consistently.

For the average person, Human nature has them seeking a best-case scenario, sort of a utopian dream that can be applied to everyday life. If you just think about it, if you are walking down the street each day and someone says you are going to win the lottery and someone else says you are going to die a horrific death, human nature compels you to pursue understanding the possibility of winning the lottery first and to avoid at all costs unless possibly through medical necessity the discussion that you might die.

If Extra Terrestrials possibly created us and put us on Earth and left us unaware of the truth, couldn't they use this basic understanding of human nature to essentially psychologically sedate our minds and prevent us from disciplining our intelligence through critical thinking? If you just look at the story most religions put forth they possibly park an idyllic reality out into the unattainable in this lifetime future as long as the Earthling will relinquish pursuing any other avenues and place the outcome and the actions of a currently nonpresent being from a currently unrealized other world reality.

Because Earth is so chaotic and unpredictable and life is so tenuous, this promise of hope is the easiest possible story on Earth that seems to solve the modern day dilemma since there are no other real choices available.
So has the possibility ET and HETLAU have figured out a way to easily get modern man to stop thinking for himself and leave the thinking to the superior beings thus relinquishing mind control via psychological sedation.  For most people who have been raised their whole life with a religious belief the prospect of abandoning it and going it alone is a horrifying thought.

Have the Extra Terrestrials thought this out in advance and developed this crutch Earthling man relies on upon and convinced them they can not think for themselves. The easiest argument they can put forth is you will die in this lifetime and you will not get to live in the next one if you do not follow it. What if the possibility exists all the Earthlings on Earth that have lived are alive on other planets being used a psychological mind slaves the way they were on Earth?  

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Is Religion Psychological Sedation?
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