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It's Never Aliens—It's Always Aliens

Banner year produces the exact same results—why?

Finger formation of volutes (UFOs)

An article recently published titled "It’s Never Aliens—until It Is" reviewed all the possibly ET related things that happened in 2017 (here). Unfortunately, just like the rubber stamp rejection of every possible scenario being ET or an example of ET intelligence, the article does the same thing basically all other articles do—it just rehashes what we already know and does not discuss any new trends or theories. Then again, this is the status quo for the ET and UFO phenomenon, so to think it would ever be different basically says either nothing is going on or possibly ET is causing all this.

Some of the items that are always being reviewed pre-2018:
  1. alien megastructure
  2. interstellar comet
  3. pentagon ufo study
  4. F-18 UFO Intecept
  5. SETI
The article briefly discussed the possibility that we are not using the right methods to search for ET; that maybe we don't understand what the right way to look for them is. It even jokes that maybe the earth is being videotaped for a Planet Earth miniseries. Sadly, though, it doesn't bring up the possibility that Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU). Rather than look at all possibilities, surely earthling intelligence will enable us to figure out which scenarios we should search for and which ones we shouldn't. Then we sit here and wonder why we can't find them. The possibility they have lived here among us the whole time and are at war with us is beyond our comprehension.

The article delves into the recently discussed alien megastructure and an interstellar comet, which are possibly considered to have alien attributes. Astronomy seems like such an inviting science for discovery, but no one considers the possibilities of reading the word science in alien using porphemes.


A scion is the shoot or twig of a plant. So if you see the connection of ET intelligence being the plant and earthling intelligence is the shoot off it, then science is the knowledge they are giving us and placing a fence around it to control what we are learning.

Unfortunately, no one has considered the possibility that the Astronomy community is using a form of legacy astronomy that incorrectly explains how star systems and solar systems evolve.

The possibility exists that ET build star systems to live on and solar systems to place slave races of humanoids on. In addition, the possibility comets become the planets and moons is available in Celestial Astronomy. Just like the HETLAU theory, that is too much to be considered.

The F-18 UFO intercept gets them to ponder new possibilities of aviation technology, though they discard his warning. Even with the advanced levels of education and training in military aviation, as well as all the experts in aeronautics and astronautics, no one is considering the possibility that UFO's don't fly. The possibility that the vehicles are traveling at speeds greater than Tach One or are maneuvering in Tactical Vee formations is not discussed either.

Trying to see the big picture with the possibility ET are at WAR with us is not even on the radar screen. Clues with things like Area 51 and Janet flights and are they able to be seen as the possibility of pieces of a larger puzzle that may include things like a hextocracy or hextary. Do they lead to the possibility of an even more complex concept of misdirection and subliminal dissemination as the explanation for the events on Earth?

What seems to be the norm is for everyone to stay in the comfort zone; going back to Kenneth Arnold and Roswell, using Edward ruppelT's legacy terminology, following SETI and hoping for radio signals, or just wondering about UFO sightings for 2017.

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It's Never Aliens—It's Always Aliens
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